5 Technology Hacks To Improve Your Future

When it comes to technology hacks, there are all kinds of articles, posts, blogs, and suggestions to improve your present situation. But what if you specifically want to improve your future? That’s a slightly different perspective to shoot for, but one definitely worth pursuing.

Consider the topics of choosing the right education path, picking YouTube over general television, making the most out of your phone, embracing the idea of wearable tech, and setting up all of your communication filters effectively. Each of these processes will equip you for a more satisfying set of future circumstances.

Choosing the Right Education Path

Choosing a college is a huge decision, but technology can help you do it. Specifically, if you spend some time researching all of the different aspects of a college opportunity through social media, you’ll get a much broader view of the potential, as opposed to just looking through school-sponsored advertisements and promotions. Especially younger students – it’s very important that you don’t fall for any kind of bait, as opposed to looking into what really makes the schools tick.

YouTube Over Television

There’s a reason that the television is called an ‘idiot box’. It really does represent much of the worst that the world has to offer in terms of a window to the larger universe. If you want to use the latest technology to find ways to improve your future (especially through education and awareness on a non-corporate level), then watching YouTube is the way to go. There are countless hours of garbage on there, obviously, but the better productions are much more accurate in showing the state of the world as it functionally is these days.

Making the Most of Your Phone

It’s amazing that people don’t make it a point to learn all about their phones. They pay a lot of money for them. Yet there are all sort of phone tips and tricks they never get around to using. Voice controls, customization regarding ring-tones, scheduling settings – there are all kinds of things that can improve your future efficiency simply by learning how these functions work.

Embracing Wearable Tech

There’s new, amazing technology that can have a huge effect on your future too – and it’s all about wearables. Clothes can now have built-in sensors that you can use to help with things like nutrition, workouts, and even basic posture advice. They aren’t super cheap yet, but the benefits are priceless!

Setting Up Your Filters

And finally, some technology hacks to keep you from going crazy – there are ways on nearly every social media channel to set up filters. These will keep the kinds of material that upset you away from your basic feeds. By simply setting up a few text filters, you can keep your mind at ease much more easily in the long-term.


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