Using Tech To Self-Police Your Behaviors

You can use new tech for a million different purposes these days, but one of the absolutely most practical on an individual level is as a method to self-police. That’s right, it no longer takes as much willpower to keep yourself in check – now it just takes the right use of apps on your mobile device, or even wearable tech to create physical reminders!

Some examples of how this can work for you include using apps to search for definitions, installing timers or planners on your phone, using wearable tech (like the same kind athletes might use), or even taking on more extreme techniques like wearing the new shock bracelet systems that are workmen their way through consumer retail lines.

Searching For Definitions

Most easily, you can use your mobile devices to search for information about your behavior. Specifically regarding things like what to do about addiction or some other sort of dependency. In the past, you might have to go to a library or do some sort of group session. Now all you have to do is plug it into the Google search browser and the world’s information is at your fingertips.

Using Timers

If you want to change bad habits that have some sort of time trigger, than all you have to do is find the timer app on your phone ┬áthat most suits you. Lots of extremely successful people will tell you that using the Pomodoro technique worked wonders for them, and you’ll find a ton of apps that feature the red tomato that very well may be just the ticket you need to self-policing your work and hobby habits.

Using Planners

Depending on your level of professional or personal need, setting up a project management app may be what you’re looking for in order to stay more efficient, especially when it comes to team-based activities. The newer apps sync across platforms, all in real-time in the cloud, so you know exactly what everyone else is working on, and they can keep your feet to the fire as well.

Wearable Tech

For more physical self-policing, you can look into wearable tech. These are mostly in the form of activity monitors, but there are also ones that help with things like posture. Once set up, they can be incredibly useful for correcting bad habits by giving you raw analytics of your motions.

More Extreme Techniques

And finally, there are newer tech-centric products hitting the market that are a bit more extreme, but help some people where nothing else has. For example, there are bracelets that can shock you whenever you do something you don’t want, and that makes it so that your body starts to get a physical reaction to an emotional state in advance.


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