Are you looking for a new lightweight wheelchair?

To many able-bodied people, all wheelchairs appear to be exactly the same.

However, when you use your wheelchair everyday, to aid your mobility and independence, you realise that there are many different types of chair, each designed for different purposes and even for different environments.

When your old wheelchair begins to fail, or your needs change, you may feel it is easier to go for the good old fashioned manual chair; after all, it keeps you active and gets you about, and if you don’t need an automatic chair then it is a safe bet that you can manage a manual one.

Across the UK, many people are changing their minds on what is the most popular chair and now, you can buy what is known as lightweight wheelchairs online.

What are the benefits of this chair over a manual one? Read on to find out!

Easy to carry

If you are always on the go, you won’t want a chair that is heavy and takes a lot of effort for either yourself or others to carry. Lighter chairs are made of aluminium, which makes them a lot lighter than manual chairs.

If you drive a car, you can easily fold down your chair and store it in the boot of your car too.


The average purchase of lightweight wheelchairs online, will boast the convenience of this style of chair; it can be folded down and stored out of the way with ease. This is great if you are short on space. Also, if you have a condition that may require intermittent periods of usage, a lighter chair that takes up minimal space is a perfect solution.


You want to be comfortable in your wheelchair, especially if you are in it every day; lighter chairs can have additional cushions added, drinks holders attached and even trays if needed.

With the addition of a memory foam cushion to support your back, a drink holder and a fold away tray, you will feel great taking your new chair out on the town.


Light chairs are great for use around the home but they also perform well in towns and cities; if you want to visit a historic site, play sports or even just meet friends for a coffee, your lightweight chair can do it all. Furthermore, equipping wheelchair restraint to the wheelchair could be helpful in providing stability and support to the person sitting on it.

A light chair can also move easily around most gardens, so you can manage both your home and garden with ease!


If you have a carer for home healthcare Nashville or elsewhere to look after a senior family member, a lighter chair can do wonders for them too.

You don’t want to hurt your carer’s back, and lightweight chairs are easier to push around and handle for the individual pushing them. Lightweight chairs are also easier to clean and to maintain, so your carer can keep your chair in tip top condition without much hassle.