Best Mobile Phone Deals and Plans

Using and indeed buying a mobile phone used to be much easier. You had a handful of handsets to choose from and a choice of plans for low, medium and high users. Now there are thousands to choose from, but how do you know which one is right for you? We’ve compiled a list of tips to make sure you find the right package to suit your needs — and hopefully save you a bit of time too!

Types of mobile phone deals

There are several options to choose from for mobile phone deals. If you already have a phone you should look at SIM only deals. If you need a phone as well as a sim card there are plenty of options for you. Keep in mind most handsets require upfront costs as well as the monthly payments.

Contract phone deal

With a contract phone deal, the phone, sim and price plan are bundled together as a whole. The overall cost per month is dependent upon the type of handset, minutes, data and length of plan. It is ideal for anyone who wants the latest phone but doesn’t have the cash to pay for the phone outright.  These type of deals are available in 12, 18, 24 or even 36 months. At the end of the contract the phone is yours to keep. Keep in mind you will need to pass a credit check because it’s essentially hire purchase for  mobile phones.

SIM contract deals

If you don’t need a new phone you should check out SIM only deals. You get a bundle of minutes, texts and data, but at a much lower monthly price and much shorter commitment. Commitment varies from 30 day rolling plans to longer 12 month plans, which also makes them perfect for anyone who doesn’t want a long contract but doesn’t want the hassle of pay as you go. Since it’s pay monthly, you will need to pass a credit check for this type of contract.

Pay as you go deals

If you don’t want the hassle of a contract you can always have a look at pay as you go (PAYG).  There’s no commitment. Simply buy a SIM card and top up with minutes and data that you need. There are no credit checks with PAYG but it’s more expensive long-term because you are paying upfront for the service. Although PAYG is incredibly convenient you miss out on better value deals that monthly contracts offer.

Or often called ‘box only’ handsets this is where you buy the handset outright for the whole upfront cost. For those who want a high end handset but do not want to be tied to long contracts this is ideal, or if you have lost or broken your handset mid contract and do not have insurance this will be your only port of call. Perhaps you don’t need a fancy phone and just like the basics? Then there can be good deals to be picked up — especially in the sales when handsets may be discounted.