Best Mobile Phone Deals and Plans

When you decide to get a new mobile phone, the hardest part is finding the best mobile phone deals in the market. This is especially so if you are also looking for the best mobile service provider too. With the right information, you can choose the best mobile deals in the market. This ensures that you save money and time.

Types of mobile phone deals

Generally, there are five different deals when it comes to mobile phones. For instance, getting a handset plus a mobile contract, this deal can affect how much you will be required to pay upfront and will also affect the amount of money you pay monthly.

Contract phone deal

This is a mobile phone deal that offers a handset and a sim card. When you go for this deal, the cost of the handset is spread across the length of the contract. Your monthly bill comprises a percentage of the price of the phone and the bill for the minutes, texts, and data used throughout the month.

How much a contract phone deal costs is determined by the cost of the mobile handset you go for and how much you use on texts and calls. Once purchased, the client is tied to the service throughout the contract period. You will be subjected to a credit check before you can get the service. Even so, they are the most manageable deals, payment wise, and are the best mobile phone deals.

SIM contract deals

This is a deal offer that only caters for the SIM service. One contract lasts up to 12 months and is the best value for money. The data, calls and text allowance is fair. Because of choosing this deal, the service providers usually thank you by offering reduced monthly rates.

This deal is only suitable for people with mobile handsets looking to change their SIM service provider. You will be subjected to a credit check before you can get a contract.

Pay as you go deals

This is a deal that offers a SIM card with no bundle. Instead, you are required to top up to be able to use the service. You can use a credit or debit account to top up in various shops and supermarkets. Because you pay upfront for the service, this deal does not require a credit check. Even so, this deal offers the worst value for money, which makes it expensive.

No-contract SIM service

Some services offer no-contract SIM deals. These deals tie the client to a 30-day deal where the minutes, data, and texts bundles refresh and roll over to the new month. However, you are free to stop this service at the end of the month. This is one of the best mobile phone deals because it allows you to leave if you need to. The downside is that these offers are not as good as the annual SIM deals since the commitment is short term. Also, you will still be subjected to a credit check for this deal.

PAYG mobile handset deals

Just like the pay as you go SIM card deal, the mobile device pay as you go deal gives you access to handsets where you pay the whole amount upfront. The good thing about this deal is that the handset is discounted, which makes it very budget-friendly. This deal is ideal if you are going for low-end handsets since they are very cheap.