Contact Support For The Sony Alpha E

The Sony Alpha NEX E camera was one of the most hyped and anticipated Android handset on the market. It came complete with the expected goodies – video recorder, image stabilization, quick dial, etc. Despite the high profile and rave reviews, many of us have been scratching our heads wondering why the handset is so disappointing. After all, the company has staked so much on this product, as they are one of the major players in the mobile industry. And since the handset cost so much, it’s only reasonable that the camera should perform well.

In the review, we’ve listed a few common complaints associated with the Sony Alpha NEX E camera. For example, the device is not compatible with microSD cards, which is unfortunate for Sony because those are a huge part of the market. They were also disappointed by the lack of screen-shot modes, and the lack of OMA download support for the NEX E-mount camera. The review also mentions a couple of other issues, including the difficulty of connecting the camera to Sony’s UMD photo library, and the poor battery life.

Sony has provided the contact details of their own in-house service assistance team for the Sony Alpha E line of smartphones and tablets. However, this service assistance is only available for select devices. To contact them, you need to make use of Sony’s online service page, or access their toll free support number, which can be dialed no matter where you live. Sony’s official support information states that the company “will do its best to ensure that your Sony Alpha E platform is functioning for you in the minimum conditions.” In case you are having some trouble with your Sony E-mount camera, it’s good to know that Sony will still be there to lend a hand.

The Sony Alpha E-mount video security products range is composed of hand-held and tablet form factors. As per Sony’s official support page, the handhelds are only compatible with the Sony PlayStations Portable TV Stick, and the Tablet PC is only compatible with the Sony Xperia Play. Other than that, Sony has not yet provided any guidance as to which hand held and tablet form factors they will be compatible with in future. The company did, however, provide some useful contact support information, including a link to their support forums.

The company’s contact support Canada has already posted some tips and troubleshooting on their support page, and even includes some screenshots of the problem. For example, if you’re not able to upload the gallery or videos, you might need to re-install your Sony Alpha E downloading software. You should also avoid using the Sony Download Manager application, and instead, download the Openfeint download manager. Openfeint is considered to be a more advanced program, and you should use this application if you encounter problems with the Sony Alpha E-mount downloads.

The official support channel for this product has been active since it was released, and according to their customer comments, Sony Camera is still the most popular camera available in Canada. Their support is very active and responsive, and they are ready to assist with your technical problems as well. If you experience any trouble with your camera, or if you are having problems with the Canadian version of this product, you can call the customer support team of Sony before you ask for any other assistance.