Help beat the blues this winter with some indoor gardening

Not the gardening type? A compact garden indoors or on your balcony still counts and could be a great solution to help ward off winter blues. As well as exercise and a good diet, studies have proven that gardening can also help lower occurrences of depression and reduce stress.

Gardening helps us get back to nature. It can be incredibly beneficial to feel the earth in your hands and smell the soil. It can also help to remind you and your kids of where your food really comes from. Too often people rush into the shop, grab what they need and don’t give a second thought to the farmer who had to grow what you’re eating. Growing fruit, veg and herbs yourself can provide a valuable lesson on what it really takes to grow your food.

Even if you don’t have a balcony, you can still grow a few things. Herbs like sage and basil can do well inside on a window cill, whilst fruit bushes can also thrive in a pot with the right amount of water and light. If your house is dark or your plants seem to be struggling over winter, check this out for some LED grow lights. These will help provide the right amount of light even in the darkest of corners.

Some plants even prefer the dark. Ferns like shady areas and only require minimal light, whilst some plants, like the peace lily, will burn and wither in direct sunlight. Other plants don’t need much water, like succulents and cacti, so if you’re forgetful they won’t mind a bit of neglect.

Some ideas from Compost Direct, can help inspire you and get you started. The top soil and compost retailer, has provided the infographic below.


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