How the cosmetic dentist can give a dazzling smile

The condition of the teeth is a major factor when it comes to confidence; and this can translate into many different areas of a person’s life, from personal and social to their career. But what can be done for people who aren’t happy with the way their teeth look? The cosmetic dentist offers a wide variety of options for getting a better smile; including contouring, stain removal and teeth whitening.


For people who have misshapen teeth, contouring can be a great solution for getting that coveted perfect smile. Cosmetic contouring involves filing the teeth with a specially designed piece of sandpaper. This allows the dentist to reshape teeth that have deteriorated because of being chipped or even because of teeth grinding, or bruxism.

Contouring can provide the patient with great results with a minimum of fuss. There is no need for an anaesthetic, and it’s a relatively simple procedure that even nervous patients can tolerate well.

Stain removal

Most people find that their teeth become more stained and discoloured as they get older. Those who smoke and consume stain inducing foods and drinks like coffee and red wine are likely to find that these activities have a significant impact on the appearance of the teeth. Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to just put up with stained teeth – the cosmetic dentist can resolve the issue to allow a much whiter smile and the resulting increased confidence and self-esteem.

The type of stain removal that is suited to one patient will not necessarily be right for another. The dentist assesses the teeth in order to ascertain the degree of staining and discolouration. Surface stains are the easiest to treat; while discolouration that has penetrated the enamel and dentin layers will require a more intensive stain removal treatment.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening has become very popular in recent years, and there is now a wide range of options for people to buy whitening kits without visiting their dentist. However, these products are at best, harmless but mostly ineffective; and at worst, potentially damaging to the teeth and a very expensive mistake. Anyone who is serious about getting their teeth properly whitened in a safe and effective way should visit their dentist. A dentist can not only give you the correct outline of the procedure but their qualification of being a medical practitioner, make them the best option to choose when opting for any teeth-related problem. Grand Family Dentistry ( or, other similar dental health experts could help you out of your dental woes and leave you smiling at the end of the process!

There are two options when it comes to teeth whitening from the dentist. In some cases, the smile can be brightened by means of intensive treatments that take place at the dentist’s practice. For many patients, teeth whitening can be done at home with the help of the dentist. The dentist creates tailor made trays that fit the patient’s teeth exactly, and these are prepared with a whitening solution. At home, it is simply a case of wearing the trays for a prescribed period of time each day until the treatment period is completed. Anyone who isn’t happy with the way their teeth look should make an appointment with their dentist. Regardless of the condition and colour of the teeth, there is a wide range of options for getting a smile that the patient can be proud of.