How to Improve Your T-Shirt Design

Graphic and statement custom shirts are the best outlet for creative juices for graphic designers, illustrators, and typographers. Putting custom designs on t-shirts is appealing, and the idea of selling it for a profit is very tempting.

But people get deterred once they learn of the process involved. It’s daunting, and the designing stage can be draining too. The printing process shouldn’t be too much of an issue because of reliable custom clothes printing companies that can do the job for you. Whether it’s just for a dozen shirts or for bulk orders, these companies can make it work.

If you think the whole t-shirt design and the printing process is daunting, you may find the tips below helpful.

  1. Explore your concept

Designing shirts can take time, so there’s no need to rush your creative brain to finish it. There will be times when you’ll run out of ideas, and that’s okay because it happens with everyone.

If you have a concept in mind, sketch it out first and explore how you can vary it. After the full brainstorming process, relax a bit and sleep on it because when you wake up, you’ll have to do it all over again. But this time, you already have an idea to work on and expand. This is more effective, and at least you won’t feel like you’re wringing your brain too much.

  1. Image if the design will work on a shirt

There can be a huge difference between digital and print art. While the design may look good on the screen, sometimes it doesn’t work well when printed on a garment. Before finalising the design, visualise first how it would look on a garment. Mock up the design on a shirt photo, or even hand it to a Polo Tee Printing company to make a one off to give you a better idea of what it will end up looking like. Seeing the actual size of your art will make a huge difference in how you will iron out the final design.

  1. Simplicity is key

Attention to detail is a great thing, and complex drawings are something to appreciate. Seeing a perfectly executed artwork on a T-shirt is something truly astounding.

However, you also need to keep in mind that the most classic and easy to remember shirts are the simplest. You may even find yourself amazed how the artist was able to convey the message through the simplest form. So if you can, stick to simple designs and focus instead on making it something that’s easy to remember at a glance.

There are many ways to make the design of your graphic T-shirt a good one. All you need to keep in mind is to give the design process time and keep it simple, as much as you can.

Humorous shirts are also a good idea, but if you are going with it, keep it subtle so your design won’t turn out to be a low-cost and cheap joke shirt. If you do it correctly, it will guarantee to turn heads.