Neighborhood Manners: 3 Things You Can Do to Avoid Bothering Your Neighbors

Especially for those living in apartments, dorms, duplexes, or condos, it can be hard to do what you want while giving your neighbors the peace and respect they deserve. It may seem like it’s enough to talk in an indoor voice and to not blast music at inconvenient hours, but there are better ways you can be mindful to your neighbors.

  1. Pets should remain on property.

Did you know that 36-percent of American households have at least one dog and 30-percent have at least one cat, according to AVMA? While clearly many love animals, there are many reasons why it can be annoying for neighbors to have other people’s pets on their property or for you to have your neighbor’s pets on your property.

From wandering dogs leaving unwanted surprises to cats using gardens as personal litter boxes, any number of scenarios may create tensions among neighbors who value their privacy and property. Moreover, unforeseen incidents, such as dog bites, can escalate matters and result in legal complications. In such cases, seeking legal advice from experts in handling dog bite injuries becomes essential. Individuals affected by such incidents may find recourse by consulting professionals like Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, ensuring that legal remedies are explored and pursued appropriately.

That said, keep your pets contained with a fenced-in yard, and always walk with your pets on leashes. If your pet goes astray, call them back or physically retrieve them, and apologize if your neighbor is out and about.

  1. When having a major party, notify your neighbors beforehand.

Perhaps one of the greatest annoyances for neighbors is when someone hosts a large, loud party nearby. Not only is the noise often a problem especially for sleeping neighbors but also people parking up and down the streets, making it inconvenient if your neighbor was planning on having company over too. So, inform them in advance, otherwise things could get out of hand. Before you know it, there’s a public nuisance case against you and you’ll have to find a good civil lawyer to defend your case.

Besides notifying your neighbor, consider inviting them as a kind gesture and precautionary measure. But even if you are inviting neighbors to your party, you won’t want the police to come knocking on your door. That said, be sure to stick to any city or county regulations for noise, especially at nighttime. It’ll be respectful even for those outside your neighborhood.

  1. Switch out louder appliances for quieter ones.

Some of us like to frequently vacuum our homes, mow the lawn early in the morning, or use loud alarm clocks to get us up at the crack of dawn. Even for those who are generally quieter people, some don’t consider the fact that sometimes it’s their appliances that are annoying their neighbors or waking them up at an inconvenient hour.

Regardless of what appliances you own that are noisy, there may be an alternative appliance to help reduce the noise you make. You may even wish to opt for ways to soundproof your home. Learn more about low-noise appliances and other objects from Quietresources.


There are simple solutions to avoiding bothering your neighbors: keeping your pets on your own property, letting neighbors know before you have a big party, and eliminating noisier appliances from your home. Part of being a good neighbor is being mindful to others who reside nearby. Being on your neighbors’ “good sides” can have benefits.