Relax Fast: Free and Easy Stress Relievers That Really Work

It’s normal to feel stress. Every person feels it. However, people widely differ regarding how they deal with stress. You’ve probably heard about the number of different ways to deal with stress, but what works well and doesn’t cost a lot of money or effort? There are a few methods that could work, but it’s just important to find the one that seems to work for you. For example, some people think that cannabis is one of the most effective methods. These people visit their local dispensary and get some cannabis, allowing them to block out the impacts of stress. There are many methods to consuming cannabis (like CBD oil/tincture/concentrates), all of which can be sourced from these places. Cannabis concentrates can be added to food products or through vaping devices and other accessories such as bongs, spoon pipes, bubblers etc. While this might work for some people, make sure to try the following stress relievers first.

Write Your Thoughts

Some keep a journal because they’re particularly good at writing and webbing words together. But writing is therapeutic in helping to relieve stress too. Devote a few minutes each day toward writing your thoughts on paper. The pen to paper sensation is soothing in itself, but writing your thoughts, especially related to things that are troubling you, will help you grow more self aware and aid in structuring positive solutions.

Reserve Play Time

Some adults think reserving play time is childish, yet spending time doing the things you love is an age-old piece of wisdom. Be sure you have time in your schedule to partake in hobbies and pastimes that make you happy, whether it’s going to the gym, painting a picture, reading a book, etc. Don’t think of it as being selfish; think of doing these things as a means of being a better you. Do you like coloring? Try this mandala coloring book app.

Trap Your Anxiety

Yogis and those who meditate become good at channeling their energy and thoughts. Meditation helps bring one’s attention to the present. If you’re in a peaceful environment, you can train your mind to make anxious thoughts unwelcome, and ultimately, you can ‘trap’ and get rid of them. Those who practice advanced methods of meditation learn to relax in any environment or circumstance.

Use Your Senses

Don’t neglect the power of your senses and their synergy with the mind. For example, use particular calming scents to relieve yourself of stress. Alternatively, you may use a picture to visualize yourself in a tropical and peaceful environment. Others who are acute listeners enjoy listening to soothing sounds, particular music genres, or positive podcast discussions.

Exercise Your Way to Happiness

Some studies report an increase in overall happiness after a 20 minute engagement in some form of exercise. The number of reasons to exercise is high, but when it comes to anxiety, stretching and engaging in light to moderate physical activity helps release toxins. Add on reasons like looking better and having more energy, and the decision to exercise regularly or not seems pretty obvious.

Get a Massage

Some schedule regular massages to relieve built up tension and stress. Such a routine could get expensive, so if the sensation is effective in ridding you of stress, consider visiting an online or brick and mortar store that offers products for the back and muscle groups. Seek information on progressive muscle relaxation. PMR involves slowly tensing and then relaxing areas within a muscle group. What’s particularly useful is the body awareness that comes from habitual PMR; one’s body becomes much more keen at feeling tension and relaxation, which results in an immediate and effective solution to feeling stressed.

Samantha Miles worked in a fast paced city job for 20 years where stress was the norm, but it had dire consequences on her health. Now she’s teaching others how to beat the stress and keep the zen alive!


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