Starting an Online Data Storage Business

What you Mission & Vision will be

Your online data storage company will be the new digital world’s answer to all the effete data generated at growingly astronomical rates. We’re here to maintain order and sensibility, bringing the true essence of information consumption back to its insightful, meaningful and valuable roots. Our attention is invested in drawing interest to important subjects, affairs and topics that really matter, with our content management team combing the web to uncover these essential sources of meaningful content each day.

We bring you valuable, constructive, compelling and useful content presented as graphically-rich slide shows, in line with our firm belief that a picture speaks a thousand words.

What your online data storage business will be all about

Understanding the Paradigm Shift

With the morning paper getting less and less attention, in line with the local community’s newspaper delivery boy having less and less morning papers to deliver, we understand that the new way of consuming information is through trending news feeds, sponsored stories and advertiser-friendly content. One can very easily lose sight of what’s really important, as a result.

The World Wide Web of Distractions

At just about every corner of the web (and there are many), the link between the melting ice-caps and the rather odd weather we’re experiencing is overshadowed by selfies, cat videos and celebrity-couple hot-or-not ratings. The important issues facing our world are buried under a mountain of frivolous content that is being generated at the speed of light.

Your Online Data Storage Business’s Mediation for Meaningful Info

Your online data storage operation should find meaning in serious issues that have a noteworthy bearing on the sustainable existence of humanity and all the issues affecting our quality of life.

The Key Partnerships You Will Cultivate

Through the partnership structures your online data storage will assume, you will call on the joint efforts of non-profits, progressive brands and organisations to drive home the things that really matter to them and us. This offers unique opportunities for sponsorships and advertising platforms. While in the long run you will naturally be aiming to influence how user-generated data among others is stored, you will have to start with a smaller space to accommodate others. Once you gain traction through the partnerships that have aided in expansion, you can move on to the next step, perhaps working with hybrid cloud solutions, or the like.

It’s not really starting small, per se, but rather solidifying your online data storage business’s stance on emphasising the publication of essential info – info that is useful, info that can be deemed relevant to most institutions operating with objectives and aims. But it doesn’t end there. Even something like a list of online gaming platforms which offer a 10 no deposit bonus definitely goes down as useful info, infinitely more useful than something like a so-called “Insta-perfect” selfie of an avid gambler posing in front of a casino reference like the “Welcome to Las Vegas” neon sign, or something like an actual casino premises.

It’s a matter of endorsing the use of the storage space set aside for the operation of the World Wide Web wisely, simply done through encouraging the provision of online data storage services for media that are useful, informative or constructive in one of many ways, while discouraging storage for the sake of storage.

This should apply to back-up media as well.