The ultimate guide to styling a parka

The ultimate guide to styling a parka

You’ve picked the right time of year to look into wearing a parka. No winter wardrobe should be without this classic, versatile coat. The typical parka design – a thigh-length coat, traditionally topped off with a faux-fur-rimmed hood – has been around, and in fashion, for years. Here is how we think you should wear this timeless icon during the next few months.


Why not go green?

“But why should I go green?”, you may be asking (at least regarding your new parka). It’s a fair point. Green isn’t for everyone, but it is certainly for parkas. The military green parka jacket is an instantly recognisable classic, linked to celebrities and subcultures alike.

Still iconic now as it ever was, it looks great with fade wash jeans, neutral jumpers and shirts, and camel boots. The classic, combined with the contemporary, has given this traditional coat yet another visual makeover for a new generation to enjoy.


Get the right fit

You don’t really have a choice with this one, although it is a difficult one to manage. With parkas being traditionally loose-fitting, it can be easy to choose the wrong size. If you’re more accustomed to wearing fitted coats, you could find yourself briefly comfortable in a size too small – that is, until your wrists get cold.

However, buy a parka that’s one size too big, and you could disappear beneath it. The Idle Man provides a simple explanation for why the parka can be a tricky piece of clothing to size correctly. The extra room under the jacket allows you to layer up underneath it without looking too bulky, so bear that in mind when you’re trying it on.


Try something new

Dress Well Bro acknowledge that the parka hasn’t had the easiest time of breaking into the world of fashion. Because it’s always been around, and often worn by fans of certain subcultures and alternative music, the parka has never had the chance to disappear and come back afresh.

That is, until now, it seems! When combined with winter-coat and street-style designs, you can now get parkas in a range of colours, materials and styles. SEEK Attire stock one of the widest ranges of stunning modern parkas around – including parkas in a contemporary, puffer-jacket design.


Layer it up

Or zip it up. Your choice. Parkas are such warm, winter-proof coats that they keep you comfortable and cosy in almost any cold weather. They work well when open, over your office or work clothes, and complement jumpers and sweaters as well as shirts worn over t-shirts.

They also look great with most footwear, including boots and shoes, sneakers, and trainers in plain or neutral colours. Also, that long cut isn’t there for nothing – zipping your parka all the way to the top, and putting your hood up, is one of the main reasons you should buy one this winter.

You certainly won’t regret it when the icy rain starts falling, and you’re tucked away inside your cosy combination of classic and contemporary fashion!