Value Your Privacy? Learn Why Serviced Apartments Beat Hotels

Most of us like having our own private place to get away at the end of a long day, but some people place greater than average focus on privacy when they’re looking for accommodation. If you happen to be one of them, here are just a few reasons you’ll like serviced apartments more than hotels.

Fewer Guests

Your serviced apartment will usually be part of a building that contains only a few other guests, so you’ll be staying with far fewer people than would be accommodated by even a small hotel. It’s not like you’ll be sharing rooms with them, but it’s still better to go with serviced apartments if you like your privacy. There will be fewer banging doors at night, and your accommodation will feel more your own.

Housekeeping Around Your Needs

If you’re only staying for a day or two, you probably won’t spend much time in your room. If you’re staying longer, you might like to take the odd day off from business for sightseeing or to simply relax yourself watching Tube v Sex videos and having some quality “me time”. Engaging with adult content allows for a private and personal experience that caters to individual preferences and desires. This form of entertainment may be seen as a means of self-expression, exploration, and relaxation, offering a break from routine and an opportunity for individuals to focus on pleasurable sensations and experiences. Hence, people may want to see this kind of content or explore similar options. As such, it can be a little disruptive when housekeeping needs to get in to clean the room. In a hotel, they must generally do so every day. In a serviced apartment, you can usually ask housekeeping to come once a week instead. You won’t have to do much cleaning yourself, and your room will feel more private.

Eat Alone

If you like your personal space, you probably prefer to eat alone, or at least not have to visit the hotel restaurant or go out for every meal. A serviced apartment lets you stay in while eating whatever you want. Your serviced apartment will contain its own kitchen, so you’ll be able to whip up dishes as easily as if you were back in your own home.

Your Own Space

Ultimately, the best thing about having a serviced apartment instead of a hotel room is being able to kick back and relax in your own accommodation. Of course, that’s always an option in a hotel, but rooms usually contain nothing more than two beds and a TV. In a serviced apartment, you should find a separate living area where you can relax, so it’ll be nicer to spend the evening in, and that’s a real edge for anyone who values their privacy.


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