Vaping comes in as a gross disruption to the tobacco smoking industry

You must have come across several scenes in one of the most iconic TV shows, Mad Men where women and men have been shown smoking throughout the entire and almost every scene throughout the 7 seasons have smoking episodes in abundance. As per reports from the AMC, they claimed that a total of 942 cigarettes were smoked on screen over the 92 episodes. If you thought that this is the kind of fiction that you find everywhere, it’s not so.

According to recent studies, more than 40% of the Americans in 1960s smoked cigarettes. Hence, it is needless to mention that the tobacco industry held a huge power on the rest of the world just as it still holds today. The World Health Organization in 2002 said that there were more than 20 billion cigarettes sold on a single day and hence tobacco companies spent more than $1 million every hour in promoting cigarettes throughout the world.

Another fast-growing industry – Vaping

Although the global tobacco market will still be worth $800 billion, off late, they are being outmanoeuvred and disrupted by another small yet fast-growing industry called vaping. Reports from the Global E-cigarette Market Size reveal that the vaping industry is all set to have a CAGR of 18.6% throughout 2022 and the market value will cross $27 billion. On the other hand, Bloomberg Industries has had a prediction that by the year 2047, there will be more sales in the vaping industry as compared to that of the traditional tobacco industry.

Keeping in mind that the tobacco industry has been here for several hundred years now, to lose all the power within the next 3 decades is more of a seismic shift. The VP of Economic and Health Policy research for the American Cancer Society, Jeff Drope said that this is going to be the most disruptive change that is being seen in the tobacco industry. There is no such parallel to what is happening to this industry.

This is the reason why some of the big names in the tobacco industry have started acquiring and investing in the vaping companies. Some have even started funding the studies which reveal that vaping has got health benefits as compared to traditional cigarettes. Few of the popular vaping brands are now owned by some of the biggest tobacco companies. VUSE is now owned by Reynolds America, Vype was launched by British American Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco also owns Blu.

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