Ways Casinos Are Using Technology For Good Business

Casinos are better than ever at doing their job in the technology era.  Tech tools have given casinos the upper hand in almost every situation, especially in the realm of security.  Before you head to the slots, you may want to know a little inside information.  

The technological side of the business of running a casino is much like that of the movies, except the thief rarely gains the upper hand.  The fancy high-tech gadgets and detection devices are real. Check out some of the coolest ways casinos are using technology to run a more well-oiled business machine.  

Technology helps to cater the experience

Casinos have incorporated technology to cater a better experience to the liking of returning high rollers.  Casinos often pride themselves on their ability to provide a top tier experience for players, and here are a few ways they are doing it.  

  • Facial and license plate recognition – Biometric facial recognition cameras can alert casino management of the presence of an important high roller, and put in motion the most suitable experience.  

License plate recognition is also used to quickly detect known cheaters and gambling addicts, so the casino can turn them away immediately.  

  • Automated hotel rooms – For those who bring money to the casino, there are now specialized, automated hotel rooms.  The room records your personal preferences and patterns as you visit, and remembers what you like when you return.  

Security measure are sneakier than ever

You’ll be hard pressed to figure out a winning way to cheat casinos today.  Vegas casinos have more high-tech security measures than ever before, and you can be sure that the casino has the upper hand.  

  • RFID Chips – Tiny chips that send out radio frequencies are now being placed inside playing chips in casinos.  One thief robbed the Bellagio of over a million dollars in chips, but the casino has the upper hand. They simply deactivated the chips inside the chips, and the thief’s bounty was instantly rendered worthless.
  • TableEye21 – TableEyes is a compilation of several different technologies.  Video analysis software, the RFID chips, and a computer that can compile tons of stats and player information works hard to detect and shady activity at the tables.

Casinos integrating the use of Bitcoin

Casinos have stepped into the next generation of technology.  A few select casinos are now offering the opportunity for guests to use Bitcoin as payment for accommodations, gift shop items, and more.  

The ability to use Bitcoin for payment has drawn in a new crowd of visitors, and boosted business for major casinos all over the world.  Visitors even have the chance to use their Bitcoin for restaurant tabs and other non-gambling activities.


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