10 Fashion Faux Pas You Must Avoid

If you consider yourself a trendsetting fashionista – or at least try to be – there will be times when you’ll want to experiment with your style, and that’s fine. However, there are some styles you must avoid at all costs, and we’re here to tell you what they are.

10 Fashion Faux Pas

  • Exposed Bra


Nothing screams look at me more than an exposed bra. Put it away! Not only will it look as though your clothes won’t fit but it’s just plain nasty. Keep the bra hidden and let your style be the thing people notice.

  • Double Denim


Any fashion guru will tell you that denim on denim doesn’t work. Many designers sometimes try to break the rules, and it can work for the right figure, but it’s not the most flattering style. Don’t let yourself fall into the worst dressed category and leave the double denim alone!

  • Wrong Colour Underwear


There’s nothing worse than seeing a black bra under a white blouse, or vice versa. Fashion is all about being bold – but not that bold! Stick to underwear that complements your garments, instead of contrasting with the colour.

  • Clash of Colours


The colour you select can usually determine whether your style is a hit or a miss. If you want to be bold and beautiful, we recommend you select too colours that work in harmony together – three is a crowd! Select colours that complement your skin tone and each other. Remember, you’re not a rainbow!

  • Socks with Sandals


Socks with sandals is wrong. Don’t do it! End of discussion.

  • Short Trousers


You might think flashing a bit of ankle is the next big trend but it’s not. Find pants that fit, and if you can’t seem to get hold of a pair of jeans or trousers in your size, just put them back on the shelf or rail. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Bumbags


Unless you’re a time-travelling tourist from the 90s, keep the bumbags in a drawer where they belong. You might not want to carry a bag round with you, but we sure don’t want to see that unflattering bag wrapped around your waist. It does nothing for a figure or fashion. Rihanna is a walking faux pas in the picture above!

  • Dressing for the Wrong Season


We’ve all seen people wearing coats in a sizzling summer or shorts in the middle of winter. Not only could you significantly harm your health, but you’ll look like a prize A fashion hater. Take a look outside before you head out and dress appropriately for the season.

  • Shell Suits


Shell suits are the worst things to happen to fashion, ever! We don’t care if your favourite celebrity wears one or they look cute in the catalogue, they’re tacky and terrible. Step away from the shell suit!

  • Scrunchies


Unless you’re filming a remake of Working Girl or Pretty Woman, don’t put a scrunchie in your hair. Sure, they were cute back in the 90s but times change and you need to move on. Nonetheless, if you do not want to part with the scrunchie trend, why not get a bunchie from companies like RingBandits, which can double as a velcro pocket and a scrunchie?

Are you guilty of any of the above fashion faux pas? Is there a style you want to only belong to history? Tell us about it.


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