Some Top Tips if You’re Struggling to Find a Jogging Route

Putting on your running shoes and heading out the door without any direction in mind is one of the best things about jogging.

No money needs to be spent on gym memberships, and you don’t have to wear any fancy treadmill clothing – as long as you feel comfortable, then that’s all that matters. Running is a great choice of exercise if you’re looking to get fit, and it can be done almost anywhere. You can do it if you’re travelling, visiting friends or before work, and you get to see lots of interesting sights on your way.


Finding a running route however can be a little tricky, especially when you’re into your early morning exercise. Roads can be chock-a-block, pavements can be crowded with pedestrians, and parks might not even be open. Furthermore, even if you find a quiet running route, it might not pose the level of difficulty that you’re looking for, or the level of ease for that matter. There’s no need to fret though, because we’ve put together some tip tips to find the right running route no matter where you live!

Talk With a Local

If you’re travelling with work, or off visiting friends, then you certainly won’t know your local area, let alone any running routes. Staying in a hotel means that the concierge is your best friend, and most have running routes as well as spare running equipment to help you along your way. If you’re out on your jog and you’re looking for some visual inspiration, then try asking one of the locals where is best to run.

Run With a Local

If you’re stuck for a running route, or you’re not too keen on the route you’ve been given, then why not hook up with the nearest jogging troop? Running apps are a great way to keep track of the distance you have covered, and many of them can also provide running routes as well as local clubs to join for the duration of your stay.

Run With the Pros

If you want a little adrenaline when you’re off traveling with work, then why not search for running races near to where you are based? If you’re in a foreign country, running races can provide a wealth of culture, and you might also pick up a few tips along the way! Just in case, always remember to pack your professional running attire, including water bottle and energy-boosting foods.


If you’re still unable to find a running route that suits your exercise needs, then it’s time to get serious and create your own. This can be done by combining certain routes you’ve completed in the past, some easy and some hard, or you can create a brand new route entirely from scratch. Whether you’re popping to the shops or on your way to work, always keep an eye out for places to add to your running route. These can include parks, hills, residential areas or countryside – just remember to wear your high visibility jacket if you’re going jogging in the evening.


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