5 Ways Technology Can Save You Money

One of the best things about technological advancements is that they often save us time, effort, and money. Though an epidemic of lazy people has swept the nation, technology should not be seen as a negative aspect of life. With the proper balance, technology can lead us to higher heights while costing less money.

Take a look at a few excellent ways in which technology can build a more cost-effective living for those who invest a little time and research into the specific needs of a desirable and affordable life of luxury and efficiency.

Seek out the best mobile apps

There are thousands of apps available through the Google Play store and the Apple iStore, but the key is to find the apps that actually work to save money. A handy cashback mobile app like Quidco and other store-specific coupon apps will save the average family a few hundred bucks per year.

Other useful money-making mobile apps include My Supermarket, Moneyhub, Field Agent, Groupon, Vouchercloud, Skyscanner, Tickety Split, and Priceline.

High-tech vehicles earn tax credits

There are several tax credits available to Americans who invest in environmentally friendly automobiles. Specifically, American automaker, Ford, has big plans for its 2018 line. High-tech options like Sync Connect, a remote option that allows owners to use their cell phones to start the car, check the fuel levels, and lock/unlock the vehicles, will come as a standard option for all Ford models.

Fuel efficiency performance has also been added to Ford’s short list of paramount integrations. Put in the time to research a vehicle before purchasing and utilize that smartphone to seek out a Ford Dealership Near Me.

Do everything possible online

For now, everything is more affordable when it is done online. Paying utility bills does not cost some sort of weird service charge when users pay online. Banking is typically free when it is conducted over the internet, and ordering necessary supplies for a living is also far more affordable than most brick and mortar establishments.

Check into the switch to a virtual network phone service

It is a scary thought to ditch the big-name mobile services and switch to a virtual network operator, but it can save loads of money on communication. Platforms such as Asda, GiffGaff, Tesco, or TalkTalk will provide exactly the coverage needed and save the family some cash.

Take the time to invest some research in understanding this non-traditional form of communication, and save time and money chatting with friends and family. As an alternative, you can also look for government programs like Lifeline or Affordable Connectivity that can provide free cell phone services (visit https://entouchwireless.com/states/michigan-lifeline-free-phone-service/ for more information) to low-income families or those enrolled in other government programs. As a result, you might be able to save a substantial amount of money that you might have otherwise spent on cell phone services.

Invest in “Smart” devices

Sometimes we have to spend a little bit of money to save a lot of money. Invest in “smart” devices. A thermostat that regulates temperature for the most energy efficient outcome or a television that uses a fraction of the electricity and old tube TV would use is a great place to begin.


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