Sophisticated home décor designs

Most people aspire to live in a home of which they can be proud, whether that be in its size, its exterior appearance or its age. For many, such a home includes its internal appearance, trying to make it look as comfortable as possible or as sophisticated as possible. However, just what do sophisticated home décor designs look like when taste is so personal?

Defining sophisticated

When it comes to what is sophisticated, there are pretty much two schools of thought. One is the sophistication that comes with an airy, fresh and comfortable interior, and the other is where the décor is dark and sleek. There is, of course, no reason why one home cannot accommodate both ideas of sophistication, such as having your living room the former and your dining room the latter.

However, to really pin down what makes a room sophisticated, you have to consider the details. For example, mouldings matter. Put up intricate coving and eye-catching skirting boards and you are immediately upgrading your room. Then there are the fittings. Elegant lighting such as chandeliers or picture lamps can easily add sophistication to a room, as long as they are backed up with equally elegant light switches and plug sockets.

Colour palette

The most impactful part of a room’s interior design is the colour in which it is decorated. When it comes to paint, you should either choose a bold, dramatic colour such as a deep red, or else an understated hue, such as a taupe or dove grey. It is important, however, that you tie in the colours with other elements in the room. For example, for a dark, sleek look, you could consider painting doors black, but a black door will look out of place unless you pick up the black colour theme in drawer or cupboard handles, for example, or black ornamental pieces.

Emphasise comfort

If there is one concept that shouts out luxury and sophistication, it is the idea of comfort. This is especially true in a room that has a light colour palette, but it can also apply to a dark one. Install the right light fixtures with the help of an electrician Werribee to make sure the wirings are in the right place. Good decor standard light fixtures can help the overall outlook of the house. Emphasising comfort can be focused almost entirely on cushions and other soft furnishings, such as throws and rugs. With cushions, pile these up and mix up their sizes, ensuring that you have some extra-large ones. These can serve as extra seating for guests.

Window dressings

A major feature of any room that is often overlooked but that can have a huge impact upon the overall impression is what the window design is and where it is placed. Following this is seen how the windows are dressed. Get the window dressings wrong and the whole design may fall apart. For this reason, window dressings are not to be skimped on.

Before that though, you want to make sure that the windows you already have suit the rest of the decor in the room, and if not, then consider getting them replaced. You should also replace the windows if they are too old and worn out, and do not provide the same level of protection as before. Think about getting customized windows installed, one that companies similar to this Vacaville Window company can do for you, in place of the old ones so that they can provide both aesthetic and functional value.

For a sophisticated look, you should think about how your window dressings impact on the entire room. Curtains can be bulky and intrusive with little control over the light coming in through the windows, so a good alternative is to install window shutters.

Window Coverings can be made to fit around your windows perfectly, offering a sophisticated look that curtains lack. There is a wide range of window shutter styles, so it’s easy to choose one that suits the unique character of your home.

Nonetheless, before you decide on your choice of window dressing, make sure you have your windows regularly cleaned. While you are cleaning your glass, you can give them a good polish to make them shine and make your house more attractive. And if you want a more detailed and comprehensive look, you could opt to use Window Washers to wash your windows and give them a spotless look.


In any type of sophisticated design, whether light and airy or dark and sleek, it is undeniable that hard flooring wins over carpet. While carpet is soft underfoot and can “warm” a room, a hard floor conveys elegance and class. Hardwood flooring rather than laminate flooring is the best choice, as it looks far more attractive and will last longer – admittedly, the cost is higher, but remember that you do get what you pay for. There are several different types and colour of wood available for hardwood flooring, so choose one that will complement your chosen colour scheme. You will also want to “warm” up your room and deaden sound, so remember to invest in a few quality rugs to lay over the hardwood.


Accessories are the finishing touch to any room. Depending on your colour scheme, gold may be a good choice for mirror frames, lamp bases and picture frames as it can really suggest opulence and expense. Just try not to overdo it. Porcelain can also work well, suggesting antiques, and, of course, no sophisticated person would be without books, so have a bookcase in the room to show off your reading choices.

Sophistication often does not come cheap, but sometimes, sophistication is as much about what you leave out as what you include. Do not over-furnish your interiors with too many colours or patterns, adopt a less-is-more approach to colour palettes and you should achieve elegance without breaking the bank.


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