7 Graphic Design Tips You Need to Know

Are you thinking about becoming a graphic designer? That is great news! All you need to do now is refine your talent and build on your skill – which is why the following 7 tips might be just the thing you need to take your career to the next level.

1. Always Think of Your Audience

It is amazing how many graphic designers fail to think of the audience – which can often be evident in their work. Whilst you might like a certain colour or font, your audience might not – and it is them that will be your audience. Think about how a design should make them feel and create something that will trigger an emotion.


2. Design and Content are Equal

The design is not more important than the content and vice verse. Design should aid the content, and content should aid the design; otherwise, will just create a big ol’ mess. What is the message? Find out what it is and create something that will sell it.

3. Consider Colour

Colour has an amazing ability to trigger emotions. What mood do you want to create? If it is gritty then maybe go with blacks or reds; however, if it is upbeat and cheerful, consider pastel shades that’ll give someone that warm, fuzzy feeling.

For example, if you were creating a logo design for a luxury Liverpool hotel, you would most likely avoid using too many colours or gothic shades. You should use colours that complement a brand – so always bear the client in mind when creating a design.

4. Think of the Theme

Your design needs to linger in a person’s mind long after they have seen it. Think about a theme before you start to hook someone in. A unique design element will ensure a person will not forget about your design and, more importantly, the client will be happy!

5. Friendly Filtering

Don’t go overboard on the filters. It is so easy to go a little crazy in photoshop – but it could result in creating something that is completely unappealing. Make subtle changes, and be sure of each filter change you make. It could make or break a design.

6. Cut the Clutter

Make sure there is plenty of space around your logos, art or photos, as too much clutter will force a person to quickly turn away from the design – or could make your design stand out for all the wrong reason. Sometimes less is more.

7. Typography

All of us graphic designers love a good font, but that does not mean we should use too many of them. Limit yourself to one of two font types in a font design so it is easy to read, and adjust your tracking and letter spacing, which should always be consistent.

The above tips are the bread and butter of any graphic designer, so always keep them in mind when creating your next idea.


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