An End Is a New Beginning: 4 Things to Do Before a Loved One Passes Away

An End Is a New Beginning: 4 Things to Do Before a Loved One Passes Away

Most of us aren’t really taught how to handle our death or that of a dear one, and may likely panic when death comes knocking. So it begins by familiarizing with this set of circumstances, and not pushing yourself to do the right thing. Here are four things to do when a loved one is departing.

  1. Don’t take up a task you know nothing about

Most of us don’t know what to do in the face of death because it is a topic we choose to keep off. So start by identifying with this state of play. Apart from normal church prayer services, visit your pastor for advice or seek the support of friends.

During these moments, it is natural to be a mess – only try not to blame it on others – more so the one in the deathbed. This applies to others too; not everyone will be compassionate about your situation, and most of us are unprepared to handle someone in your shoe. Show love to the dying fellow, and others as well.

  1. Respect that the dying has the power to make their decisions

Allow the one who is dying to be the boss as long as they are conscious enough to make decisions. If it is an old member of the family, get them in touch with an estate planning and administration attorneys Denver CO (or wherever they reside) if they want a will to be prepared. Let them have the final call about their assets and property. In the same way, you are sure of what is okay for you, accept whatever your dear one wants no matter how much you differ with their opinions.

Anyone holding a healthcare proxy also has the authority to speak for the dying. Financial, mental, emotional, legal, physical, and spiritual life-or-death matters can cause problems and mixed up feelings. Do your best to come into line with the wishes of a dying loved one. Remember, it is their death, and not yours.

  1. Demonstrate love to the dying one

Facing the fact that a dear one is almost dying can be overwhelmingly scary. Try your best not to hide your love from them as you see them off to another world. Demonstrate them love in all ways you can but do not make death a big deal.

Instead, make it the perfect chance to serve them for the last time and identify the little things you can do to make them smile. Reassure them that death is not the end, but a new beginning, a way to explore the universe in a different form. You could also consider offering them a chance to stay with you in a way that offers love and exudes beauty, perhaps through clothes-turned cushions or cremation diamonds. Be real, honest and authentic and don’t let them be afraid to see your fears and sorrow, but do not let that outshine your love. Do not be scared to touch them. Hold their hands and stroke their hair to make them feel adored.

  1. Accept death, don’t fight it!

It is okay to be optimistic death will take a different turn, but you are better placed accepting whatever comes. It is normal for death to come as it is part of the cycle of life and death. Our death-fearing culture is responsible for the perception that death as an evil monster, but in reality, it is just a standard procedure like birth. You must help the dying accept the state of affairs but do not make it the topic of discussion.

Wrapping Up

When a pal or sibling is dying, it is essential to keep a peaceful surrounding. Consider the place of death a peaceful, loving and comforting zone unless the person asks otherwise. Avoid regrets and stating things that you “should or shouldn’t have done.”