Bag Shopping Tips: 7 Stylish Bags For the Modern Man

Finding a Great Messenger Bag for Any Purpose

There are so many options available in messenger bags that shopping for one can sometimes get confusing. Finding the perfect messenger bag for you takes time, but it’s well worth it since a quality messenger bag will last for years with proper care. The rule of thumb for cost is to choose the best bag you can find in your price range that will meet all of your needs now and down the road.


Durability is an important messenger bag quality, and yours should be waterproof for use in all weather. The handles and straps should meet your needs, and your perfect messenger bag will have enough pockets and compartments to hold all of your important accessories.


The style of your messenger bag should reflect your personality and coordinate with the kind of clothing you wear. It’s a fashion statement of its own whether you pick one with a trendy look or a low-key appearance. There are many variations to select from, including a rough or smooth finish and fabric or leather components.


Don’t forget to check out the shipping charges when you compare prices and look for a bag that comes with a guarantee. Your new messenger bag will be geared to your lifestyle, whether it’s biking to work, riding the metro or carrying it on your shoulder for significant amounts of time. Below are some of the key features to keep in mind when making this important purchase.



A good messenger bag will last for several years, and a great one will last forever. Finding a great messenger bag means looking for one with a reputation for durability and longevity. Look for a bag with a lining inside to protect the shell and your belongings. It’s possible to find the best messenger bag for your needs in your price range with a little research.



Messenger bags are available in a variety of fabrics, and many of those are water-resistant or waterproof. Canvas, nylon or polymer blend fabrics are often used because they’re durable and lightweight. Leather is the ultimate waterproof material, and it ages beautifully. You can maintain a cowhide bag with leather polish that preserves the color and grain for years.



An adjustable strap is a necessity because it gives you the option of wearing your bag over the shoulder or across the chest or back, depending on your needs. It’s worth getting a padded shoulder strap since that will make a difference on the days you carry it on your shoulder for long periods. Snaps and flaps provide easy access while buckles add security. Just make sure any buckles are sturdy and are there for utility, not just for show.



The point of choosing a great messenger bag is buying one that suits your individual needs and lifestyle. Decide what items you want to carry, such as a phone, laptop, camera, batteries, and cords, etc. The laptop compartment should be padded, and ideally, it will be in the center of the messenger bag. Items inside should be safely secured, but it’s helpful to have easy-access pockets for those things you’re always reaching for like phone and keys.



Messenger bags have been around for a long time. The original mail carriers wore them strapped across their chest or back as they delivered the mail atop a horse. In today’s society, deliveries are often made by bicycle, and the messenger bag serves the same purpose. It will secure all of your necessities in one place with easy access, and finding a messenger bag that has your personal style imprint is a bonus. You’ll want to carry a bag that coordinates with anything you wear, from jeans to a suit. A messenger bag isn’t a rucksack or backpack, but a sleek, stylish carryall that happens to be useful as well.



The price of your messenger bag isn’t the main indicator of its value since you can find a great messenger bag for less than $100 in several variations. Look for small, even stitching on the bag, and check out the sturdiness of the interior pockets. Do your research on materials since many canvas-type fabrics are designed to be easy to clean and impervious to water. A leather messenger bag may come with a canvas or polymer carrying strap since it’s more lightweight and easier to adjust for length.



Top-notch messenger bag manufacturers stand behind their products, and you should be able to find a bag that has a warranty against falling apart in the first year. Shipping can make a difference in the price, and the main thing to consider is whether this is the perfect messenger bag for you. If so, then it’s worth including the cost of shipping in your budget. On the other hand, shipping is sometimes free with a minimum purchase or by subscribing to a service like Amazon Prime.



How are you going to use your messenger bag? If it’s going to sit beside you on the passenger seat of the car or next to your desk most of the time, then the most important features will be how it looks, feels and stores your electronics and other necessities. For rugged use, like riding the subway to work, you can find bags with feet on the bottom to keep the bag material off the floor. If you walk or bike to work, it’s a good idea to have one that closes securely so you don’t accidentally lose anything.


Checklist for Finding a Messenger Bag

Once you find a messenger bag that looks stylish and feels comfortable, use this checklist to make sure it’s the best messenger bag for you:


  • Made of solid materials with quality stitching.
  • Easy to clean waterproof shell.
  • Securely attached handle and adjustable strap.
  • Compartments for all of your belongings.
  • Versatile style that complements your wardrobe.
  • The right price for your budget.
  • A warranty for the first year and reasonable shipping costs.