Businesses are allowing more employees to work remotely – what are the benefits?

As the pandemic rages on, businesses are having to adapt. For many, these adaptations might become the new norm as employees get used to the idea of them. HR Stats to keep in mind are showing that 90% of employees think that keeping flexible working arrangements will help boost morale and productivity, whilst 75% of CFO’s say they are intending to keep remote working as an option after the pandemic. It’s also worth noting that almost 50% of employees would rather not have to commute to work every day, whilst 46% enjoy fewer non-essential meetings as a result of being at home. Those against remote working say that working in the office provides a better environment with fewer distractions than at home. However, over 40% of employees disagree with this, saying that they are actually less distracted at home than in the office, showing how remote working actually works better for a significant proportion of the workforce.

In today’s business world, remote employment is becoming more popular in various industries, mostly tech and computer-based businesses. More and more firms are starting to hire people that don’t even live near their registered business address, because of technology advancements, this is possible. Businesses can now even complete essential tasks such as managing remote employees training and reviewing employees’ concerns remotely, which has definitely increased the opportunities for remote working. The new employees might find it easier to learn the work and company culture online, as opposed to the way normal onboarding works (which can be scary for some). With adult e-learning tools and software such as Loom (why not try this out), companies and employees find it quite easy to manage remote onboarding.

People choose the remote working life because it creates a good work/life balance, when employees are not working inside an office all day, they have the freedom to work wherever they want, in some businesses, they allow their employees to work any hours just as long the work gets completed.

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