Growing Tech Trends in Mobile

Mobile has quickly become the new home for all things entertainment – whether it’s through video and TV streaming from the growing number of platforms, the big home hundreds of millions have found on social media, or the recent growth of all things gaming with some online casinos for Australian players amongst the fastest growing options over the past eighteen months. There have been a lot of tech changes needed to facilitate this growth in all spaces, however, so what have been the most impactful growing tech trends in mobile?

Display changes will continue to come – Where the goal had once been to make screens as small and discreet as possible, the uptick of media use led to the opposite as screen sizes had continued to grow to the ‘phablet’ size they’re now at, and even further with the likes of folding screens that have been seen in the novelty devices – whilst these folding displays likely won’t catch on, the latest display trend of faster refresh rates likely will. It’s becoming more common to see mobile devices equipped with 120hz displays, over double the refresh rate of typical devices, and provides a much smoother experience with more clarity, and will certainly be a trend that becomes mainstream as users discover the huge differences it offers.

Hopes for bigger battery capacity – One of the big drawbacks for current devices comes with the battery options on offer – bigger screens, more powerful hardware, and changing connectivity for 5G mean a much bigger power draw and it’s certainly starting to be seen as battery issues are a common complaint for the newest devices. It may certainly be a closing trend that a big focus on battery life comes next, as other hardware reaches the capacity of what we’re capable of including in the smaller form factor, big changes here could be the answer.

Peripherals are another big trend being seen – As our own usage for these devices increases, finding something a little extra to help enhance the experience is only natural, and this is where peripherals have helped greatly – gamepads and controllers to help with gaming, stands to house the device and charge it whilst watching a movie, and other similar peripherals will continue to emerge particularly with the likes of virtual reality and augmented reality growing in popularity too.

With the latest big trend and change coming from the growing spread of 5G connectivity and all it has to offer, mobile certainly shows no signs of slowing down for being the go-to platform for all things entertainment, and although some proposed changes lately do err more on the side of gimmick than usefulness, it does show there’s still plenty of interest for innovation and change too.