Combat tooth loss with dental implants in Herefordshire

Across the UK there are lots of people living with the effects of tooth loss, whether they have lost a single tooth or multiple teeth, most will see tooth loss as having a negative impact on their lives. In many cases, the tooth loss may have been caused by some form of accidental damage, which would make it unavoidable.

Everyone is also aware of the fact we expose our teeth to hazards every day in the form of sugars and acids that are found in food and drink, again this is unavoidable. A regular oral hygiene routine can help to mitigate tooth decay and gum disease, but this is not always guaranteed to prevent worse case scenarios from happening.

When tooth loss does occur it can lead to discomfort because the gum becomes more exposed in the area where the tooth was, but there may be a solution. Many dentists now offer patients who have lost teeth a replacement treatment, in the form of dental implants Herefordshire.

The replacement that looks and feels real

Dental implants are custom built for the individual, from strong and hard-wearing materials that are ideally placed to cope with the daily rigours that teeth go through.

The root of the replacement tooth is a screw made from one of the strongest metals known to man, titanium. The screw is placed within the jawbone, creating a strong base that becomes an anchor holding the crown, which is placed on top of the screw.

The crown is made from a ceramic material that is moulded into the shape of a tooth and coloured to match the colour tone of the patient’s teeth. Once in place, these implants will look and feel like they are the patient’s real teeth.

When cared for correctly, with brushing and flossing, these implants should last any person virtually a lifetime.

A true alternative for denture wearers

Many denture wearers report complaints to their dentist about discomfort and movement within the mouth, it has long been recognised that dentures are not the perfect replacement for lost teeth.

Dentures are known for moving around in the mouth, this can cause severe discomfort if small parts of foods become trapped between the dentures and the gum. It is also seen as something that could cause embarrassment to some if it happens at an inopportune time.

Even using a dental adhesive to hold the dentures in place may not give the wearer the secure feeling they desire, therefore implants are now becoming a popular alternative.

Denture wearers may also feel like they are limited when it comes to food, as harder foods can be problematic and food such as rice may be the kind to become trapped in the way already discussed. Implants are a great way to allow denture wearers to regain the freedom to eat the kinds of food they wish to eat; without the worries, they may become used to.

The best way forward

The reality is that dental implants are becoming one of the greatest tools that dentists have to offer when it comes to combating tooth loss.  The best way to find out all the detailed information about this treatment is to talk to a dental professional, who can help you make the right treatment choices.