Cleaner teeth result in a healthier smile

Some people are unaware that it is essential to maintain a healthy smile by not only visiting a dentist twice a year, but to ensure they book an appointment with a dental hygienist in Edinburgh as well.

Rest assured that the professionals here are determined to provide their patients with the best kind of care available, working hard to eliminate all signs of plaque and tartar on the teeth.

This is not only beneficial for one’s overall oral health, as this plaque and tartar can lead to cavities, gum disease, and other dental complications, but it can be unsightly as well. For this reason, visiting a professional who specialises in cleaning teeth is great not only for one’s physical health, but for their mental wellbeing as well.

What do the professionals do?

Teeth cleaning falls under the category of preventative dentistry. The task of the healthcare professionals who provide these services is to flush out all the bacteria in your teeth and your gums before they become the reason for severe gum diseases like Gingivitis and tooth decay. This can also allow you to feel super clean and fresh inside your mouth.

This applies to people who have an effective personal dental routine in place as well. In addition to keeping your oral health in check, you would still need to visit professionals practicing family dentistry and opt for teeth cleaning at regular intervals to avoid any oral diseases in the future.

What happens during the appointment?

In the beginning, they will inspect the mouth to look for any potential signs of gum disease or tooth decay. If they discover areas of concern, a more extensive treatment program will be discussed and begun. Mouth cancer screenings will also take place, as will a discussion regarding the signs for this so that individuals can take home the information to ensure they themselves are vigilant for suspicious changes.

After the examination, a scale and polish will remove signs of plaque and tartar in order to keep teeth and gums healthy. The polish aspect is important as this can remove surface stains before they become deeply ingrained into teeth.

The polish consists of a special grainy paste which is applied to teeth and buffs away at the enamel. It does not work to the same degree as a tooth whitening treatment will for persistent stains, but with regular polishes teeth can remain looking brighter.

Polishing teeth is also beneficial as it can prevent bacteria adhering to enamel for a short amount of time. This preventive measure is a means of ensuring that teeth and gums remain as healthy and strong for as long as possible.

It is possible to visit a professional to clean teeth without the referral from a dentist these days, so make a booking to improve the feel and appearance of teeth today.