Maximise your dental integrity through dental implants in Harley Street

What are dental implants?

Obviously, nothing can compare to having a full, healthy set of natural teeth.  That said, life is inherently unpredictable and chaotic, and often teeth can be lost, especially if patients have poor oral habits or health.  Whatever the cause for the loss of teeth, dental implants on Harley Street provide those who require them with a prosthetic solution which is the next best thing to natural teeth.  They work in a way which is very sturdy as they address the issue at the root of the patient’s mouth and restore their dental entegrity on a permanent basis which looks and feels almost identical to natural teeth.

Why are implants right for me?

One of the main attractions to dental implants over other, more conventional, forms of addressing missing teeth is that they both look and feel just as natural teeth would.  This affords those who require them to eat, smile and act freely and without caution or embarrassment that may have been caused by exposing teeth with large gaps inside them, or crowns or bridges which can often be detected from the exterior.  Another attraction to dental implants is that the ‘survival rate’, or success rate of this method of dental restoration is far higher than it is for over methods of treating lost teeth.  As you may expect, those who have no underlying health conditions and a high-standard of oral health are far more likely to be successful candidates for dental implants, however, as the technologies around the process are ever changing and developing, more and more patients are successfully seeking out treatment and restoring their smiles.  Another appeal to dental implant treatment over conventional forms of lost-tooth treatment is that the need to cut down and reshape adjacent teeth is far less than it is in conventional bridgework. Thus, dental implants preserve the natural shape and structure of the patient’s jaw and face, as well as helping to retain this structure as they restore support to the surrounding bone tissue around the affected tooth – which prevents bone loss from taking place, and the entire facial structure of the patient being altered.

The implant process

If you decide that dental implants are the correct course of action for you to seize back control of your smile and live life to the full, then the initial stage in the installation process is typically a consultation between the patient and their trusted dentist in London.  The reason for this initial consultation is to allow the patient to familiarise and learn about the dental implant process, as well as how the dentist can help them restore their smile.  It also helps the cosmetic dentist gauge whether the patient has any underlying health conditions which may prevent treatment from being carried out, and assess their overall level of oral health.  Providing that all of the requirements are met, the actual installation procedure would then begin. This starts with the drilling of a hole within the exposed bone tissue between the gap where the missing tooth is. Then a titanium-alloy metal socket is placed inside this hole and given time to heal.  During this healing period, the titanium fuses itself within the bone tissue of the patient, which results in it being filmy and prementally embedded.  Thereafter, a replacement tooth is screwed into the socket and the gap is therefore bridged and the patient’s smile fully restored in a permanent and durable manner.