Don’t Overdo It: Packing Tips for Your Vacation

What’s the use of taking more clothes if your bags are going to get misrouted or articles in the bag get terribly wrinkled? There’s such a thing as overdoing it when it comes to packing. Those who travel often know packing right takes experience and strategy. That’s if you want to fit it all in one bag. Here’s packing tips to use before your next vacation.

Find the Right Bag

You’ll find designer bags, extra durable ones, those with odd shapes, and more. The right bag for you is the one that is most accommodating. It might be a bag that has multiple compartments for your makeup and accessories. Or, the best bag may be one with separate compartments for your formal and casual clothing. Most importantly, find a carry-on bag that will accommodate in such a way that you don’t need to bring more than one bag.

Choose Lighter Fabrics

Fabrics are not created equally. For example, a Wool Sweater will take-up a lot more space in your bag than one made of cashmere. Make it easy to fit more articles of clothing by choosing items made with lighter fabrics. If you must bring bulky items, wear them on the plane versus cramming them in your bag.

Bring a De-Wrinkler

Someplace pieces of tissue paper between clothes and others roll rather than folding clothes to avoid wrinkles. There is no way to indefinitely avoid wrinkles unless you bring a de-wrinkler spray-on product with you. Alternatively, you can hang pieces of clothing in the bathroom as you take a steamy shower. That’s if you don’t want to use the hotel iron or call upon room service at your Marriott Park Ridge, NJ.

Bring More Accessories

Bring more accessories and fewer clothes. Added accessories make it easy to recycle articles of clothing without reproducing the same look. Keep sweaters, skirts, and jeans at home and pack more bangles, earrings, and scarves. Plus, you can shop for added accessories once you get to your destination and the surplus of small items won’t make it difficult to pack your bag for the return.

Keep Shoes to a Minimum

Unless it’s cheap to ship your shoes to your location, it’s best to keep the number of pairs to a minimum. Choose wisely, for your shoes will have to satisfy a range of looks. Most will bring one pair of flats, something formal, and sneakers you can use to exercise.

Plastic Bags Are Your Friends

Ladies need toiletries and makeup but that means stains and other mishaps while luggage is en-route. Get used to placing all of your lotions, creams, and liquids in plastic bags that are sealable. Also, be sure that there is nothing in your bag that may puncture a hole in the plastic and subsequently stain and ruin clothes.

Tap Into Technology

There’s an app, gadget, and piece of technology to solve just about any traveling issue and packing is no exception. Some clever people have created vacuum packing bags. Put your items in the bag and then use a vacuum device to suck out the air, which makes the bag considerably smaller. Get more clothes in the bag per square inch of the bag!



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