Edinburgh: A Getaway

Immersed in Celtic music and medieval stories, the city of Edinburgh is a traditional tapestry which can be defined by stones, hills, cathedrals and waters. Known to be a cultural city, Edinburgh is packed with many attractions such as music, art, comedy and theatre. Local clubs, to relax over a Scottish beer and a match of football or rugby, are always open. Haggis and Scotch whisky are also part of the beauty of this historical city. Here are some of the best places to visit if you are planning to trip to Edinburgh:

Edinburgh Castle

Located at the peak of Royal Mile of Castle Rock, Edinburgh Castle is the most visited location of the city, and the most iconic building. Situated on the top of an extinct volcano, the Castle offers the view of the entire city. Get inside of the castle, and explore the oldest and historical buildings of Edinburgh, which include St Margaret’s Chapel, Half Moon Battery and the National War Memorial. You will discover Scottish’s Crown Jewels, and the famous Stone of Destiny in the Regal Crown Square.

The Real Mary Kings Close

The Royal Mile hides the body of the Real Mary King. Known as the city’s deepest secret, those streets have remained still until the 17th century. Since many years, the Closes of Old Town Edinburgh has known many mysteries and myths which tell the tales of murders. It is said that those streets have witnessed ghosts, and victims who were left to die. The guides will make you shiver with their fascinating stories of this hidden part of the city.

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Blair Street Underground vaults

The Blair Street Underground vaults is an entertaining tour which can fascinate visitors with tales of ghouls, ghosts and mysteries of old Edinburgh. The vaults are a hidden world under the lanes of the centre of the city which tells stories of people who lived there more than 100 years ago. These tours are done to educate and mesmerise visitors.

Camera Obscura

The oldest attraction in Edinburgh is the Camera Obscura and World of Illusions. Existing since 1835, this spot is filled with puzzles, illusions and tricks which will blow your mind. There are numerous effects which have been set up to experience another world. To enter this mysterious cave, you need to be equipped with a silver platter. Get in, touch everything, enjoy yourself and get out of the magical mirror maze!

Royal Botanic Garden

Listen to chirping birds and smell the scents of flowers in the botanical garden of Edinburgh. The sights of greeneries, and the freshness of the air will make you feel alive. Take a stroll through the lovely trees and discover the rare plants in the Glasshouse. Restaurants, cafeteria and coffee shops can be found to buy plants and gifts!


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