Expressing Your Style: 12 Cool Mods You Can Apply to Your Motorcycle

Expressing Your Style: 12 Cool Mods You Can Apply to Your Motorcycle

While motorcycles are popular around the world for a more affordable option than transportation via car, they are also purchased as a hobby. In fact, there is a great deal of interest in motorcycles as a way for owners to express their own personal style and interests, check out this bike for example. It is important to balance a motorcycle’s safety with its outer appearance. One way to do this is to purchase mods to enhance any motorcycle that you are purchasing. In order to learn more about the ideal mods for your motorcycle, consider the information below:

The Best 12 Possible Mods for Your Motorcycle

Having mods can allow you to enhance even a used motorcycle. It is wise to browse a selection of used motorcycles to see if you can find one at an ideal price. When you do so, you will be able to customize it with mods such as these to get the best possible value for your investment:

New Windscreen

There are many different windscreens on the market. What is great about this mod is that it is practical and improves the overall appearance of your bike. Some are higher quality than others. The reduction of wind will be a nice way for you to enjoy the scenery while you are riding your motorcycle.

Floorboard Extensions

Floorboard extensions are an ideal mod for those that are purchasing Harley Davidson bikes. Since these bikes are classic, they have many great additions to enhance their appearance. Floorboard extensions allow the motorcycle rider to rest their feet easier and more comfortably. They also add a more polished look to the motorcycle, which makes them a great mod to consider.

GPS System and Dock

When you are riding a motorcycle, you have to focus on the road for safety reasons. Now that GPS technology has evolved substantially, it is a great idea to invest in one for your motorcycle. This way you are able to have clear directions and focus on driving safely rather than having to change lanes at the last minute.

Hand Levers

Hand levers are an easy mod to consider for your motorcycle. When you are sure of which design concept you want to pursue, hand levers are an easy and safe mod to add to your motorcycle’s design.

Rim Tape

Rim tape is something that can be both for style and safety. The rims are on the wheels of your motorcycle and putting tape on them that illuminates at night can help you to be seen by more drivers. You can choose several different bright colours to utilize depending on your preference of style for your motorcycle.

New Seat Cover

Investing in a new seat cover is a great way to make your bike stand out. There are many different styles to choose from that can either downplay your bike’s colour scheme or make it bright red or orange. The choice is up to you depending on what you are looking for.

Exhaust System

Having an exhaust system that is custom on your motorcycle is a great way to express yourself. Exhaust systems can enhance the design of the motorcycle a great deal. In addition, exhaust systems are also able to make the motorcycle perform better while having a distinct sound while you are driving it.


Tires are both a necessity and also a potential to express yourself with the design of your motorcycle. It is wise that you consider the quality of the tires before you look at the design. Once you find the quality of tires that you are looking for, you will be able to find which design compliments the theme of your motorcycle’s design the best.

LED Turn Signals

LED turn signals are becoming more popular due to safety. It is wise to have your motorcycle’s lights stand out when it is at sunset or after dark. This can help you to avoid many accidents. There are several LED turn signals with different colour lights as well. Be sure to check your state’s regulations about which ones are legal and which ones are prohibited before you invest in them as a potential mod for your motorcycle.

Air Filter

An air filter is a mod that can enhance the performance and sound that your motorcycle makes. It is important that you research which air filter system will be the best potential fit for your motorcycle. Failure to do so could make you choose one that isn’t compatible with your motorcycle.

Suspension Setup

There are many ways to enhance the suspension of your motorcycle. It is important that you research carefully before modifying the suspension of your motorcycle. Additionally, check the warranty on your motorcycle so that you are able to know all the implications of changing the suspension for a mod that will make your motorcycle be your desired design/performance of choice.

Fender Eliminator

Another important safety mod that can enhance your motorcycle’s look is a fender eliminator. You can choose to light up your license plate and have different lighting for aesthetic look. This is very useful for the drivers behind you to see you when it is dark. Be sure to consider this when looking for aesthetically pleasing mods for your motorcycle.

Final Remarks

Owning a motorcycle is something that many individuals enjoy regardless if it is needed to commute or just for fun. The key is to find a motorcycle design that is ideal for your particular vision. These days, while many might opt for used motorcycles that are available on online platforms like ListedBuy, there are still some who prefer brand new vehicles. Basically, once you get your concept in mind, you will be able to find mods that are relevant to what you are trying to achieve. Some mods are merely for aesthetics and others enhance performance.

Also, make sure that you are considering safety implications so that you don’t invest in mods that are not meeting safety regulations. Lastly, it is wise to be aware of which mods, especially with lighting, are permitted in your home state. By keeping all of these recommendations in mind, you will be able to have a fantastic motorcycle that is also safe for you to enjoy while you are using it.