Five Tips For Dealing With Post-Holiday Stress

You spent a ton of money on gifts, you dealt with your family (even the ones you don’t get along with), you ate too much, and now it’s all over and you’re left with those usual feelings of, “How am I going to pay off all these credit cards,” and, “Did aunt Rhoda actually appreciate that gift I spent so much time and money on?” The only positive thing is that it’s all over.


No matter what, even if you try to be well prepared, the holidays always have to bring some kind of stress. Maybe your children weren’t appreciative or respectful, or maybe you crashed your car on the way home from the family dinner and now on top of all the gifts you just spent money on your need to max your credit card in order to get back to work next week. Here are some ways to beat that stress and some ways not to.

Don’t Self-Medicate With Drugs And/Or Alcohol

No matter how stressed you are over the holiday season there is no reason to self-medicate with drugs or with alcohol. If you feel like you need to be drunk just to deal with your family maybe you should bow out of the get-together and have one of your own with just your children and significant other, or with some friends. By surrounding yourself with people that don’t stress you out you could avoid some of the negativity of the holiday season.

There are other, far healthier remedies you can use to deal with your stress, talk to your doctor first to find one that could work for you. You may have heard of people using a nucleus glass bong to take marijuana and relieve their stress and this is often medical marijuana that has been reccomended by a doctor. The doctor could also find there may be an underlying condition to your stress and find something to treat that too. Seek help first before trying to deal with it on your own.

Do Take Up A Hobby

Instead of making a hobby out of drinking, come up with one that is more constructive. Create unique gift cards, ornaments, or other craft projects with used wrapping paper and those old Christmas cards now that the holiday is over. You’ll be recycling and keeping yourself busy thinking about things other than bills and family stress.

Start Exercising Regularly

Exercise is a natural stress reliever, so start doing some. Even shoveling the sidewalk can get those feel good endorphins pumping through your brain. Get a gym membership, or just start taking some brisk morning walks (it will also help you work off the weight from all that pumpkin pie).

Start Paying Those Credit Cards Now

If you get on those bills right away they’ll be paid off faster so you can stress about them less. If you have a few days off from work you may want to wait till you’re back and get that next paycheck, but don’t put it off any longer than that, interest rates can add up fast.


And, finally, start meditating. It’s an instant release of stress and you can do it anytime and anywhere, almost. You just need a little quiet and a little time inside your own head. You can easily find guided meditation videos online if you need a little assistance.


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