Stagecoach Leading the Public Transport Tech Revolution with Its Bus App

The public transport gods just know that the way in which the majority of us get around could be ten times better if things were done a bit more efficiently. Fortunately getting the most out of the public transport system is perhaps now just one app download away from being a reality with Stagecoach Bus leading the tech revolution with its bus app for mobile devices.

In a time when the big hedge fund managers endorse tech developments purely based on their potential to make them some serious money, the development and launch of this bus app from Stagecoach comes as a rather refreshing turn of events. Frankly I don’t think I’m the only one who fails to see the innovation behind many of the “tech” we’re being sold today, when the most useful apps like the Stagecoach bus app are freely available for download and actually make our lives that much easier. So many problems are solved with the launch of just one app on both the sides of the transport company itself and consumers.

Better Route Planning for Commuters

As much as the valuation of the likes of social networks and other such “tech advancements” suggests that developers are rather skewed in their priorities for tech developments, we can’t really blame them much because that’s where the big bucks is for them. That takes nothing away from the fact that the most useful apps you’ll probably ever download are those which are available for free, as is the case with this Stagecoach bus app (App Store and Google Play). These types of apps are developed for a specific general purpose and are commissioned with years of feedback, criticism and suggestions from the primary user-base of the underlying service.

In this specific case it was about time that Stagecoach took into account just what the ability for consumers to better plan their routes and trips could do for the bus operator itself. I mean we’ve been wanting to be able to know where the nearest bus is for a long time now, so too when the next bus is coming and perhaps also how to try and save our favourite busses, whatever your reason for having a “favourite bus” may be.

To be fair though, it’s good that Stagecoach didn’t rush into releasing a half-baked app that would otherwise bear the potential of being fraught with glitches that can cause some serious inconveniences. Kudos to them for leading the revolution though and coming out with what will undoubtedly be a hit of an app and I bet the other commuters in areas where the mobile tickets aren’t yet available are waiting for with bated breath.

Paperless Ticketing

This brings me to the next point of discussion, which is simply the app’s ability to operate a paperless ticketing system. Need I say more about not having to handle tickets physically printed on paper and rather making use of mobile tickets which are delivered digitally to your mobile device?

Get the app now if you’re an existing or even a new user of Stagecoach busses — it’ll do you a world of good.


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