Physical Anti-stress Therapy

Despite all the conveniences of our time, trying to keep up with the dynamics of modern life is a constant source of stress and very few manage to distance themselves from the never-ceasing hustle and bustle of daily life. The accumulation of stress leads to various health issues such as high blood pressure, headache, and it may even cause more serious mental disorders like depression or anxiety.

So basically, finding a way to cope with the stress is crucially important. For some, that may be as simple a task as finding somwhere like this CommCan marijuana dispensary and making use of the various cannabis products there. However, that’s not going to be a solution for everyone – and it may not even be legal in some places. Physical activity can be really beneficial for your mental health and overall wellbeing, so here are some suggestions on how to tackle this problem by getting moving.

Breathing Exercises

As each day brings numerous tasks and challenges, we most often don’t even pay attention to the important process which keeps us alive – breathing. When anxiety and stress reach the alarming level, one of the most effective techniques which will help you restore your peace and regain control over the current situation is to take a deep breath. Make yourself comfortable, try to keep the back straight, close your eyes if it makes you feel more relaxed and place your hand on the belly. Take a deep breath in through the nose and feel how your abdomen expands and air flows through your body towards the head, and then slowly exhale through the mouth. Repeat this exercise until you notice that your breathing rhythm has slowed down. Breathing exercises lead to a better exchange of oxygen, stimulate your heart and blood vessels, lower blood pressure.

Regular workout

Endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin are the hormones which will boost your health, but in order to experience the influx of happiness and pleasure, you need to move your body first. However, walking to the nearest pizza place to grab a cut and soda is far from enough; you are supposed to put in some more effort and walk a mile or two a day. If you are full of negative energy and walking can’t help you alleviate stress, get a pair of comfortable running shoes, put on capri workout pants, a running T-shirt and try some light jogging. An equally effective alternative is to sit on your bike and enjoy both the ride and the scenery. For those who would like to literally sweat their way to a stress-free state, a gym or fitness session may be the right choice. One of the ways to activate even the muscles you didn’t know you had is swimming. Do a couple of lengths, make yourself really tired, and then leave the last traces of stress that have burdened you during the day in a sauna.


I guess you haven’t thought about the ways how to reduce the level of cortisol, the “stress hormone” your body produces, or how to increase the level of endorphins, the so-called happiness hormone which sparks a feeling of euphoria, brings pleasure and has the effect of a natural painkiller. Believe it or not, laughing is one of the ways that will bring you a state of calm and instantly elevate your mood. Feel free to laugh in the street or at the workplace, but in order to avoid quizzical glances, play a viral video or a sitcom that makes you laugh, flip through a humorous comic book, or start a conversation with a person who brings a smile to your face.


Have you known that kissing is so complex that scientists at various universities have researched it? Apart from leading to physical excitement and relaxation, the research has indicated that a kiss launches a series of chemical processes in the entire body and lowers the level of cortisol. It is believed that pheromones your body releases to attract another person prompt these reactions. It is even better if it leads to sexual activity since sex gives your immune system a great boost.


Yoga is certainly one of the best ways to cope with stress. Some types of yoga, such as power and ashtanga yoga, focus on physical activity, so by practicing one of these styles you can strengthen your muscles and become more flexible thanks to stretching exercises. Yoga also includes specific breathing exercises which will help you relax and meditation techniques that will calm your mind. There are great physical benefits of yoga – regular exercise lowers the level of bad cholesterol and triglycerides, slows the heart rate, lowers the blood pressure, thus reducing the risk of heart disease.

Even if the stress has taken its toll and everything seems a little more difficult, remember that a light and easy workout will help you relax and boost your energy.


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