What You Should Know about Windsocks and Their Multiple Uses

Many of us may be familiar with windsocks, but not many of us may know their actual name. In other words, you have probably seen windsocks in different locations (most notably at airports), but you may not know that people call them as such. They have a sock-like or tube shape, and they often hang from a pole in a facility such as an airport to help pilots determine the direction and speed of the wind. Windsocks play a critical role and are have a variety of purposes. Here’s what you should know about windsocks and their multiple uses.

  • For chemical factories and facilities

While the most common sighting of windsocks may be for airport runways, you can also utilise windsocks in chemical factories and facilities. You can most often see windsocks in such locations – if you visit a chemical factory or facility, there’s a high chance that you will notice a windsock in a particular spot. Windsocks are highly useful in a chemical factory or facility because they can show the direction and speed of the wind so that the factory or facility can make the right decisions regarding the release of harmful substances or toxins into the air. With windsocks, a significant number of chemical factories and plants can help alleviate chemical substance hazards in the environment.

  • For seaports, motorways, and more

As already mentioned, you will probably notice windsocks at airports, but they are not just used for airports – far from it. You can also see windsocks used in seaports, motorways, and highways, as well as in high, mountainous areas so that experts can calculate the speed of the wind. For instance, if the wind is at 17 miles per hour or more, the wind can spread in a completely horizontal course or direction, which then makes it easier to determine the condition of the weather at a set time.

  • For aviation

Windsocks play a critical role in aviation – they help pilots have a safe takeoff and landing as they are placed on airport runways to indicate the velocity and direction of the wind.

  • For sports like golf

Not many people may know it, but you can also use windsocks in sport, as in golf. Since windsocks often come in bright, easily-noticeable colours such as orange or red (there are striped windsocks as well), golf players can see them even from a great distance. This way, golfers can easily calculate the speed of the wind and its direction before they take a swing or shot. It is indeed true that golfers need to use a lot of gadgets and tools to perfect tier games. For example, some world-renowned golfers are known to use a $1995 golf simulator and launch monitor to train themselves indoors. Like windsocks, the above-mentioned gadgets also help the sportsmen get a fair idea of the rate, spin, shape, angle, distance, and other data points of their shots.

Anyway, coming back to the topic of windsocks, the size of windsocks can vary, and there are different styles as well. You can choose from ‘snap on’ windsocks or ‘lace on’ windsocks, depending on your need and preference. But you should also have the right accessories for the windsock to work correctly, such as attachments and windsock poles, which can come as either permanent or temporary as well. Permanent poles are often better than temporary poles because they are stronger and can last for a longer time. Also, if you need to replace a windsock, you can usually retain the existing windsock pole.


Image attributed toPixabay.com