Why you should stay at a serviced apartment with your friends for festivals in Bristol

Festivals are a great activity to do with your friends and they give the opportunity to get away from regular life. You also get to see some incredible music as well as wonderful art and super fun activities. The downside, though, is realizing that it’s time to go to bed and you’ve got to retire to your damp and cold tent.

Chances are that If you’re going to a day festival such as Tokyo World, you’ll either be getting the train home or staying in a hotel.

The thing with festivals is that you really don’t need to camp, your wristbands should allow for re-entry. Plus if you’re going with a group, you should probably look in to serviced apartments in the area.

So why should you choose a serviced apartment for your festivals and events this year? Here why:

  1. So much space

Serviced apartments are at least 30% larger than regular hotel rooms, meaning that there’s much more space for all of your festival gear as well as all those outfit changes you’ll be making before you head out for the day.

They also come in a range of different sizes so if you have a bigger group you get a larger one with 2 bedrooms or more!

  1. Cleanliness is key

Why bother getting sweaty and dirty and sleeping in the dirt – It’s never a good look nor a good feeling. Relax in the comforts of home and clean yourself in the gorgeous showers that serviced apartments have (you might even find a bath).

Did I mention the toilet? Or the sink? There is so much you take for granted and going to a festival helps you realise this. You are your mates will be looking the freshest out of everyone!

  1. Facilities

Whilst showering and using the bathroom facilities will have you feeling fresh and squeaky clean the next day. The inclusion of a full kitted kitchen will make it all that extra bit better. This means you can prepare yourselves some food when you get in as well as a large breakfast to help you enjoy the next day much more.

If you are still unsure about whether or not you should be booking your serviced apartment room, take a look at the website of this beautiful building of serviced apartments – you will definitely be swayed.


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