The quick checklist of your Christmas 2016 shopping

Another Christmas is again round the corner with lots of new hope and energy in its store. This is the time when you must be busy in planning the gift and decoration list for your home. You’ve checked out the deals online, maybe picked up a few Target promo codes along the way so you can get as many gifts and decorations as possible to really make your home and family feel that Christmas spirit. There are so many people for whom nice gifts have to be chosen and your home also requires a makeover so that the friends, relatives, and guests find your place cozy and comfortable. You would find many Christmas gifts online in India and here lies a quick checklist of all the things that you have to keep in mind.

Shop well for the gifts


  • First and the most important gift that runs in mind is the cake, but you get that every year. How differently you can get the cake? Get a bouquet made of cupcakes to impress your sweetheart. For your mom who loves baking cakes, get a new microwave for easy cake baking.
  • Right next cakes, comes the thought of candles. For praying inside churches, people take only the red, yellow, and white candles and that too plain simple ones. Keep a packet of these candles but also don’t forget the designer candles. Some floating candles can also be included that enhances the look of the room.
  • Winter is on full motion during the Christmas and thus gifting stylized winter garments would be loved as a gift. Leather jackets and gloves for your brother, cute custom face socks for your sister, and a cashmere shawl for your wife or mom.
  • If you have a friend who has tied the knot recently, on Christmas, you can get an OTG for him/her along with a recipe book.

Shop well for your home


Decking up the home is important because on happy occasions, your home should also feel the newness in the air.

  • In the priority list, you have to bring in new paints and colors to jazz up your rooms. Colors add a lovely layer to the room and energizes the ambience. Go for bright colors for your drawing room and lighter colors for bedroom.
  • Next in this list comes the requirement of curtains and blinders. Curtains and blinders not only divide the room but also add a flair to the rooms. Against the dark or bright walls, put the single colored long curtains. For the window panes, get the printed curtains.
  • Cushions and pillows would be the next big thing that you have to get for your Christmas shopping. Old cushions also would work but then get the new cushion covers at least to add that vibrancy in air.
  • Lanterns with dim light would give you a relaxing feeling while chit-chatting with best friends and families on Christmas parties. So, don’t forget that from your Christmas shopping online.


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