Thinking On Your Feet: Men’s Shoe Highlights

You can be as unconcerned about fashion as you want as a man, but you still want to buy shoes that make sense within your identity and practical needs. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to go digging every once in a while to the world of men’s shoes, beyond just casually browsing at whatever is the closest store to you.


So a little bit of extra info on this topic is going to come from doing research on shoes for big men, rich men, the obsessive athlete, the environmentally-oriented man, and the classic hippie. There is no rightness and wrongness in these areas, just a matter of finding what fits best for you.

For Big Men

Not every man is average sized. However, most shoes are aimed for the average foot. That leaves big folks with the task of finding shoes for big men that are comfortable, first of all, and hopefully affordable after that. Obviously, basketball players and football players have a degree of customization that they can order, but the big man who isn’t rich has to do a bit more digging.

For Rich Men

There’s always going to be that capitalistic desire to be rich. The lifestyle comes with some caveats though, in many cases, especially when it comes to fashion. And that means looking into high-end shoes for those occasions that require an extra bit of pizzazz. Parties, club events, concerts, dinners – things like that. You don’t want to show up there with a pair of kicks that say that you just don’t care about your presentation.

For the Obsessive Athlete

Buying the best athletic shoes means trying to get the most out of your performance as a competitor, whether you’re a professional or an amateur. And since technology is changing with respect to what kind of materials are available, that means that in order to keep up with the Joneses, a bit of research into what the best athletes in the world are wearing is due.

For the Environmentally-Oriented

For men who have environmental sustainability in the back of their mind, there are companies that sell shoes that specifically are geared toward green practices and a culture of fair payment to the people who make the shoes. Look into brands that have this credibility, and you’ll be sure to learn some things about world economics as you do.

For the Hippie

For the hippie, the best pair of shoes is always going to be the best sandals that you can get your hands on and your feet into. Sandals are one of those mystical items, if you can buy and break in the right ones, that almost immediately transport your mind into a place of peace and calm.



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