Tips to keep that smile shining from a Mackay Dentist

Over time your teeth can take quite a battering from food, hard brushing and acids in fruit and drinks there’s a lot of damage being done on a regular basis. This continual punishment can eventually lead to a lot of problems with your teeth and gums further down the road.

But you can lessen the impact of this assault on your pearly whites with a rigorous dental hygiene routine. A lot of people still unfortunately struggle with finding a routine that works for them, so here are a few tips you can try at home to find your cleaning groove.

Brush often

Ask any Dentist in Mackay and they will tell you the best way to keep your teeth clean is to brush them regularly. As a rule of thumb, you should give them a good onceover at least twice a day, try to fit it once in the morning and before bed to cover both your day and night cycle. If you can fit in more brushing, say after meals then great as you will be helping to reduce plaque build-up.

Be gentle

As mentioned above, brushing often can have a big impact on how your teeth hold together over time. But did you know the amount of force you apply can also influence this?

Pressing too hard on your teeth with your brush, whether it be manual or electric, can wear the protective enamel down if you’re not careful. Try to use gentle strokes and don’t dig it too hard into your gums as you can also strip away your gum-line doing this. The same applies to dental floss if you use it, try to avoid pulling too deep or hard below your teeth as this can cause bleeding, cuts and it adds to the damage to your gums.

Avoid strong mouthwash

The brand of mouthwash you use can also have quite an effect on how long your teeth last. Most brands are good at what they advertise, reducing plaque and helping with bad breath. But if you’re going to use this try to go for a more tooth friendly PH level as chemicals in the mouthwash can also damage your teeth if they’re too strong. Ask at your dental practice if you’re unsure where to start.

Try an electric brush

Manual brushes are good for keeping your teeth looking their best, but if you want a truly deep clean then you might consider an electric brush. Their vibrating bristles can reach areas you won’t be able to with ordinary brushing. These kinds of brushes are also great for elderly or young patients that may struggle with holding the same position for long periods of time. Most practices like Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay should be able to point you in the right direction for the right brand of brush.

Applying just a few of these changes to your daily dental routine can have quite the impact on the longevity of your teeth. If you can even manage to brush them every day you will be on your way to a healthy routine.