Want to have invisible braces as an adult? Here are 5 key advantages of Invisalign in Hertfordshire

Having misaligned teeth as an adult can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. In previous years, there has not been many orthodontic options available for adults. If you approached a dentist to straighten your teeth, they would often suggest the fitting of large, metal braces which were far from a discreet alternative to crooked teeth.

Today however, unless you have a more complex case of misalignment, it is unlikely that a dentist will recommend treatment with a metal brace. They are more likely to suggest a clear invisible aligner.

As the name suggests, this type of brace can offer a more discreet way to realign the teeth, whist also being as powerful as regular metal braces. With the ability to target issues such as misalignment, overcrowding and correcting overbites, it’s no surprise that this type of orthodontic appliance is becoming increasingly popular amongst adults.

In this article, the benefits of one particular invisible brace, Invisalign, will be explored allowing you to decide if this is the perfect brace for you.

Better oral health

Many people had a friend growing up who wore the traditional, metal braces. While great at moving teeth, these braces could often cause secondary hygiene issues, leading to a higher incidence of tooth decay and gum disease. As Invisalign from Hertfordshire is clear and removable, your dental health doesn’t have to suffer in lieu of realigning your teeth. Perfect!


As mentioned in the above point, one of the key advantages of Invisalign is that you can remove the aligners to brush your teeth. This also means you can take it out to partake in sports, give talks and even during dates. Just make sure you wear it for the recommended 22 hours each day to gain the most benefit.


Traditional braces can take up to 2 years to straighten your teeth, particularly if you are over the age of 18. However, invisible braces can offer an accelerated turnaround, straightening your smile in as little as 3 months. However, this time does vary depending on the severity of your misalignment, but on average an invisible brace can correct crooked teeth in 6 months. And you’ve got to admit, that’s pretty fast!


As there is no tightening involved with invisible braces, the plastic trays are customised to slot over your teeth. This allows for a more precise realignment process and also minimises any potential discomfort associated with the application of pressure to move your teeth. Also, your dentist will be able to show you a step-by-step breakdown on a computer of how your teeth will move with this brace, meaning there will be no surprises!

Exceptional results

And of course, one of the advantages of invisible braces is the impressive long-term results. With a success rate of over 96%, using an invisible brace to straighten your smile is a worthwhile investment. Brilliant!

Invisalign In Hertfordshire

If this type of orthodontic appliance sounds like it could be right up your street, there is no better time than now to get in contact with our practice and see what Invisalign can do for you!