Warning Dashboard Lights

Most modern cars are filled with the latest in technology and electronics, these cars are now filled with sensors and monitoring system to improve the driving experience. Those that are new to driving will probably be confused as to what these signs mean and how they can make things easier. It is important to know what these signs mean and how they affect your car which is why this post has been created. It is aimed at new drivers to help them identify what these signs actually mean potentially saving you from massive repair costs as well as securing your safety.

Breaking System Warning Light

Some motoring enthusiasts will suggest that your breaks are probably the most important feature of your car and should be treated accordingly. If the above warning light is flashing on your dashboard that means there is something wrong with your braking system and should be addressed immediately.

Airbag Warning Light

Airbags were a major step forward in the automotive industry for the safety of the driver, his passengers and peddestrians, so if you see this sign on your dashboard you should get it seen to as soon as possible. If you ignore this sign your airbags might not work in the case of an accident risking your life along with the lives of your passengers and anyone else that might be around your car at the time.

Tyre Presure Warning Light

A tyre pressure monitoring system only use to be fitted to luxury cars, but these days they appear to be a standard feature on every new car. This new system notifies drivers when the tyre pressure is not up to par with the recommnended allowance suggesting puncture or tears in one or more tyres. As soon as this light starts flashing on your dashboard you should pull over and get the issue address immediately. It might be worth finding out if you are covered on a Mobile Tyre Fitting Service.

Battery Warning Light

For most car owners, they’ll see this warning light for a few seconds when they first start their car, and should go out pretty much immediately and if it doesn’t that means there might be a problem with your battery or your car’s electrical system. If you see this light it means that your battery needs charging, but there might be various reasons why your battery might not be charging. It might be because of a faulty alternator, bad connection, faulty battery, damaged cable and more. The best thing to do is to take the car into a garage for a definite answer on what the problem is.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

You will see this warning light when your oil level is too low or when the oil temperature gets too high. The oil is important because it lubricates your engine and enables all the parts to turn without grinding the parts and if not attended to on time the effects of the lubrication might be reduced or lost all together.

To avoid extensive repair cost and long-term damage to your car you should make sure that everytime a dashboard sign is flashing you should know exactly what the problem is and how to fix it. To reduce the chances of accedient, you sould alwayys make sure that your car is maintained and services peoperly and these dashboard signs can act as your first step to preventing accident.


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