What are dental implants?

Dental issues are a concern in the UK. At least 75% of the population do not have their full set of natural teeth anymore and 6% of the population have no natural teeth left at all. What is the solution to the loss of teeth? Patients can look at getting dental implants in Clapham as they are a permanent solution to broken or damaged teeth.

Patients that get dental implants in Clapham will have theirs made of titanium screws that get drilled directly into the jawbone and become a permanent replacement for the missing tooth/teeth. The implant itself essentially becomes the root and then a false tooth is placed on top of it. The aim of dental implants is to provide a seamless look and finish and to enable patients to be able to have full use of their mouth and teeth again without any discomfort.

What is the procedure for getting dental implants?

Patients looking to get dental implants in Clapham will need to visit their dentist and undergo an initial consultation whereby the dentist will look to perform a full examination of the mouth and discuss the best and most suitable option available to the patient. The advice given will depend on each patient’s individual circumstances and needs and therefore will vary on a case-by-case basis. At the initial consultation, the dentist will determine whether the patient is suitable to have dental implants and will do this by taking X-rays and scans of the jawbone and the mouth in general.

At the second appointment, the dentist will discuss a treatment plan with the patient and answer any questions they may have about the procedure. They will also discuss the payment options available as dental implants are not available under the NHS and will therefore need to be paid for by the patient. The treatment process usually takes between 3 and 9 months however this varies on a case-by-case basis and depends on the complexity of the treatment that particular patient requires.

What happens on the day of treatment?

On the day of treatment, the patient will be given a local anesthetic in order to provide pain relief. Then, the Dental Implant Procedure is quite quick and simple despite sounding like quite an intrusive surgery. The dentist will cut into the gum and create a hole to enable the titanium screw to be fitted into the jawbone. Once the titanium screw is inserted into the jawbone the dentist will give the patient some time before the next appointment. This is usually at least six weeks and this enables the jawbone to heal and gives time for the titanium screw to have a chance to fuse with the jawbone and become a permanent and natural part of the mouth.

After the healing process, the patient will go in for the second appointment and this is where impressions for the new tooth will be taken and then sent off to the labs. The technicians will ensure that the new tooth matches the shape, size and colour of the patient’s surrounding tooth. Once the tooth has been carefully created, the dentist will attach the new tooth onto the implant and patients will be able to use their new tooth as normal.