Why is dental marketing necessary?

With the introduction of the World Wide Web, the last couple of decades have seen a complete change in how dental marketing is carried out. Everyone is searching for their answers online and Google, the most popular search engine, has many millions of searches being carried out every day. An online presence is increasingly vital to increase the number of patients coming through the door. All dentists provide very similar services and with dental practices available on every High Street, most of them advertising their services online, it is important to consult a specialist dental marketing team to help devise a strategy to help your dental practice stand out amongst the competition.

Firstly, the dental marketing team will develop an attractive website for the dental practice. A modern, high-quality and interesting website is essential for good dental marketing and there are specialised techniques which the dental marketing team will use to help the website establish a top spot on Google, so that it is brought to the reader’s attention immediately when they are searching for their dental needs in their locality. The dental marketing team can use social media for greater exposure of the dental practice and also write offsite articles and blogs to widen the audience and attract more attention. Other specialist techniques are used and continued to ensure that when the reader finds the dental practice online, they decide to carry on reading, are encouraged to visit the dental practice and hopefully become a regular patient.

When you start your own dental practice, it goes without saying that you will want everything to be in order for you to carry out business as usual. Similar to how you could look here and on other websites to find the perfect firm to take care of all your financial needs such as bookkeeping, accounting, operational efficiency, investments, etc., you would want to find the best team to take care of marketing needs as well. Whether you plan to invest a significant amount on marketing efforts or not, it is essential that you do have some sort of plan going forward using which you can establish a strong online presence that can help fuel your practice’s growth and establish it as a trusted facility in the locality.

How is dental marketing carried out?

One of the first steps involved in dental marketing is to create a clear and concise website which addresses all aspects of the dental practice, including any USPs, and helps convey this message within the first 5 Seconds of the reader arriving on the homepage of the website. The 7Ps of dental marketing is a successful approach which is used by the dental marketing team to help create a great website and incorporates the Profile of the dental practice, the People who make up the team, the Premises of the practice, the Prices of  the treatments and procedures, the Promises of good customer service and specialist dental care, the Proof of successful treatment, and also any Products which the dental practice may be able to offer the patients, for example package deals and other individually tailored services. All this information will be collated by the marketing team to help create a stunning website which will welcome a wide array of patients to the dental practice.

Once the website is up and running the specialist marketing team will carry out search engine optimisation (SEO marketing) for the website. This involves the analysis of keywords which are commonly searched on the internet, in connection with dental practices and connecting them with the location of the practice and linking it to the website. A specialist marketing team can help ensure that the website, social media content and any off-site articles use these keywords which will help enhance the the position of the website on the search engine results pages. The aim of SEO is to keep the website on the first page of any Google search results and to try and maintain top position under any paid-for Google advertisements. Leave your marketing worries with the specialist dental marketing team and watch the rise in the number of patients walking through your door.