What Makes Esports So Appealing

Regardless of whether you are an avid gamer who plays games at every opportunity they get, if you just like to play here and there, or if you haven’t played any sort of esports game, it is still very likely that you will know just how popular online gaming, and esports, in particular, has become over the years.

Over the last year or so, many people may have decided to turn their attention through search engines toward online gaming because they were stuck inside, due to covid-19, and wanted something that could entertain them for a couple of hours. Or, if you wanted to win a bit of extra money, you may have looked at esports betting sites like VamosGG to place a bet on teams or players who you know are most likely to win.

But what makes esports so appealing in the first place? Well, we’re about to find out what it is that brings all the gamers to the online gaming scene.

Wide Variety of Games

A great place to start would be to look at the types of games that are on offer to the gaming community. Not to overcomplicate matters, but most games fall into a category, such as fighting games, first-person shooter games, and real-time strategy games. Most gamers tend to place their focus on one area, whereas others like to try their hand at several different games. The best thing about the types of games on offer though is that there will be something that appeals to everyone.

Dota 2, Fortnite, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are just some of the most popular games on the market, but many other less popular ones are making big waves in the online gaming community too. You shouldn’t worry if you can’t find a game that you love straight away, as many people don’t. In some circumstances, it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to find a game that you are most successful at. Once you’ve found one, you may want to give yourself the upper hand or simply improve your online gaming experience by finding and installing the best vpn for gaming which can, amongst other things, help secure your private data, and reduce ping time and lag.


When you feel like you have found one or two games that you have a strong skill set at, you may feel that it is the perfect time to enter a competition. There are many different tournaments that you can enter, all of them are solely based on individual games though. For example, if League of Legends is your top pick, then the League of Legends World Championship is the most popular tournament for these gamers, though the cash prize may have something to do with that too. Regardless of whether you are a solo player, or if you play as part of a team, you will need to make sure that the tournament that you select caters to your needs, as you don’t want to turn up to one as a team only to realise that it is for solo players only, so conducting research beforehand is paramount.

Tournaments are a great way to improve and test your skillset, as well as playing against the best competitors from all over the world. But, if you have the dream of winning the ultimate prize, you should only decide to enter such gaming competitions when you are completely ready.

Social Activity

When people think about gamers, it is likely that they just expect them to be playing alone in their bedroom, with no one to talk to. But this perception is far from the truth. Online gaming is one of the most popular and sociable activities that you can participate in. Now that gaming technology gives people the ability to communicate with each other via headphones, it is a great way to be sociable, as well as meeting fellow gamers from around the world who have the same hobbies and interests as you do.

Events like gaming tournaments and conventions will allow you to physically meet some of the people with who you have been speaking during your gaming adventures, allowing you to create unbreakable bonds. Depending on which games you all like to play, it could even mean that you form a team that battles against others. If you do this, you will be spending a lot of time with your teammates, and this not only enhances your gaming possibilities but your social skills too. Without realising it, you could find gaming beneficial to other areas of your life.

There you have it. Of course, there are lots of other factors that make gaming so appealing to people, but the ones listed above are just some of the most popular reasons. If you have yet to try it yourself, now could be the perfect time to broaden your horizons and try something new. Who knows, it could benefit you more than you think.