What is a carrier plate?

A Bulletproof vest is the subject of private armor protection made from an incredibly strong synthetic fiber, such as aramid, that aids to consume shock and reduce or prevent penetration of the body from gunshot.

Why to use and which are the main elements of bulletproof vest?

Soft vests consist of many layers of laminated fibers and can protect the owner from pistol or any other kind of shot or harm, such as granada.

The body armor design consists of the following elements:

  • an outer cover with a mounting and fitting system;
  • basic armor elements;
  • cushioning pad;
  • armor material as part of a shock-absorbing pad and cover.

Bulletproof vest is a means of individual protection of the trunk and the most important organs of a person, when exposed to edged and firearms, as well as fragments of ammunition. The shot-proof vest not only protects from enemy fire, but also allows you to use your own weapons more boldly and efficiently.

How to choose an armor vest?

Most often, armor vests and body armor plates are usually worn by special forces, they are for police officers, for security, for military, private security, as well as those who need protection from shots.

Take a look at the difference between heavy and soft armor body. The rigid body of sheet armor is made of steel, ceramic or polyethylene. It has high resistance to impact along the surface of the plate carriers, but, in the case of non-metal multicam plates carriers, they are vulnerable to impacts on the edges, which requires careful packaging during shipment.

You must know the available protection levels:

  • Level II 5 mm shot-proof vests.
  • Level III-A. Vests from 8 to 10 mm in thickness.
  • Level III and IV. It connects armor plates of 25-30 cm. Shock-resistant vests use armor sheets similar to those used in vests of III and IV levels. Correctional personnel wear these vests to protect them from stab wounds.
  • Make decision if you want a hidden vest or not.
  • Choose a vest that suits you.
  • Select the appropriate body armor. Body armor prevents the torso in front and the back in the back.

But how to select and what to take into consideration? One of the main elements of modern tactical fighter equipment is body armor. Its importance and necessity is not even negotiable, but their diversity and features can easily become an obstacle to the right choice. The main parameter of each body armor is the degree of body armor, which affects its weight and of course the price. The easiest method to hide a shot-proof vest under outerwear.

What is the best plate carrier?

The best ones are those which have a perfect level of protection. They protect from any kind of danger. They are easy to wear and they are affordable. They should be made of a good material and must be shock resistant. The most outstanding ones are Tactical Molle Coozy; Crye Precision JPC Plate Carrier; SDS BAE Ranger Releasable Vest System.

Are plate carriers bulletproof?

Why would you choose a bulletproof vest over a plate holder? The two main reasons are weight and secrecy. Body armor is pretty easy to hide. The complexity of masking body armor increases with increasing levels of protection. Carriers that are loaded with armor plates are heavy, especially if you use ceramic armor plates.


To ensure stealth under light clothing, it is desirable that the clothing has a loose fit. There is an opportunity to disguise your body armor as clothing by making a body armor in the form of a suit vest, jacket, unloading vest, etc. Everybody can buy plate carriers from Ukrainian manufacturer. You just need to understand that the shot-proof vest has a thickness that can be hidden using larger clothes than you usually wear. The higher the protection class, the thicker the shot-proof bag, the more difficult it is to hide the bulletproof vest under the clothes.