3 Big Tips To Avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis When Sedentary

It is not surprising to find out that someone has stayed in a particular position for hours on end without moving. For example, he may be stuck behind an office desk from morning till evening with just a 10-minute break. On the other hand, she might be seated in the same spot on the couch while binge-watching her favorite show with just a single bathroom break.

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the most common causes of avoidable deaths from issues like deep vein thrombosis. This condition is fatal but avoidable. Therefore, if your work or way of life automatically subjects you to a sedentary lifestyle, it is important to find ways to avoid DVT. This article will give you 3 big tips.

What is DVT?

DVT is a condition where a blood clot is formed in a vein at a particular part of the body and it, especially manifests itself in the thigh or lower leg. The main threat associated with DVT is that it might move up to the heart or lung, subsequently blocking a major blood vessel. This condition is known as pulmonary embolism.

Causes and Symptoms of DVT:

a) Immobility

When you stay in a single position for a long period, the chances are that you may develop a blood clot. Examples are when you are in a flight for a long time, if hospitalized, and when you have just undergone a surgery.

b) Hypercoagulability

This is a condition whereby your blood coagulates faster, hence causing blood clots. It may be caused by medications such as birth control, increased number of red blood cells, smoking, leg fracture, bruised arm or foot, and cancer, among other reasons.

c) Genetics

Where there is a history of DVT in your family, there is a probability that you may suffer from the condition. Alternatively, you may have inherited the gene, but it might not manifest in you.

Signs and Symptoms of DVT:

  • Swelling on the foot or ankle. This is usually manifested only on one side of the leg.
  • Pain and cramping in the leg, usually in the calf
  • Unexplained warmth on a particular spot of the leg
  • The appearance of reddish, pale, or bluish colors on parts of the skin

It is very difficult to determine that one has a clot in one of the deep veins, unless they are treated for pulmonary embolism. This is a life-threatening condition where an artery in the lung gets block. It is, therefore, important to prevent DVT from happening in the first place.

The Tips to Use to Avoid DVT

Immobility and excessive weight are the two main causes of DVT. Therefore, to avoid the condition, you should ensure that you prevent these causes through the following methods: 

1) Stay Physically Active

While a sedentary lifestyle involves a lot of sitting time, you are advised to occasionally move around. For example, if you are binge-watching the latest season of your favorite series, after every episode, take a bathroom break and walk around your home or get out of the house for a few minutes. The same thing applies when you are working.

By staying physically active, you give your body the chance to circulate blood freely, hence preventing clots. Also, moving around allows you to identify any foreign cramps or soreness in your calves, which might help you identify the condition before it develops to chronic DVT.

2) Lose Weight

Women who are 5 feet and six inches tall and men who are over 6 feet taller are more likely to suffer DVT than other shorter persons. This is because their bodies have to pump further against gravity. If they are obese, the flow of their blood in the legs might reduce, resulting in a blood clot in the veins.

Therefore, to avoid this, ensure that your weight range is within the acceptable range. You can determine this range by calculating your BMI, understanding the weight that is ideal for you, and working to get there.

3) Check Your Medicine

As mentioned above, in some situations, increased coagulation of the blood and subsequent clotting is as a result of the medicine one uses. For example, some birth control medication may cause DVT by causing blood clots in the legs.

To prevent this, ensure that you have read and understood the side effects, if any, of the medication. You should also avoid over-the-counter drugs unless they are antibiotics. Any other medicines should be prescribed by your doctor.

Deep vein thrombosis is a serious and fatal condition that one may suffer from. The advantage is that it is preventable, and this text gives 3 sure methods of avoiding the condition. They include adequate exercise, ensuring to keep off weight, and checking your meds to ensure that they don’t cause DVT.



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