How to Get Started Creating Your Man Cave!

So you’re looking to create your very own man cave? If you have a room to spare in your house and you’re a man, this is a natural progression. But you can also use cabins, summer houses or even think up some shed interior ideas for your shed to covert into your very own mancave. There is nothing like setting up a space where you can be yourself and do whatever you please! In case you’re looking for some ideas to organize your thinking, this article will guide you through the basics.

1 – Claim the Space

The first and vital step on the road to having your very own personal man cave is to simply claim the space! Whether it’s a spare room inside your house, and old shed in the backyard, a tree-house or whatever… you have to look everyone in the eye and say “I’m going to turn this space into my man cave, and it’s going to be glorious”. Standing your ground is crucial if you’re a man, so naturally you cannot seriously get started building your man cave without making a declaration of your intentions.

2 – Insulation and Sound-proofing

Once you have claimed a space to use as basis for your man cave, you have to take measures to ensure that room is adequately prepared. A little tinkering might be in order as you’ll want to at least soundproof the area and get solid insulation to guarantee your comfort. There is no point in starting to think about details and accessories until you’ve built a solid foundation, is it? Make sure to take your time to set up a solid structure that will make your man cave look impressive and inviting, rather than something you just did to keep your hands busy.

3- Decoration and Painting

Thinking about decoration, paint colors and fixtures may sound like a womanly activity, but that’s when you need to step out of the box. This is your opportunity to express your real manly self through your own choices in color and style, so make the best of this chance to express your individuality. This is supposed to be your own personal space, so it’s up to you and you alone to decide on decorative matters. Do you feel like painting the walls black, or checkered or striped in blue and red? Would you like a crazy lamp or a skull-shaped ashtray? That’s entirely up to you, and you should just make your decision and take pride in it.

4 – Gadgets and Utilities

Once you have finished setting up your man cave to suit your personal taste and inclination, it should look absolutely comfortable to you and a little oppressing and intense to everyone else. This is supposed to be your personal space, after all… so it’s all about you! No point in being apologetic when it comes to your man cave. When you’ve finished decorating the room to your taste, it’s time to bring in the gadgets and utilities. You’re going to need a big flat screen tv, complete with top-quality sound from something like this soundbar, a computer, your favored game consoles, books and magazines and essentially all that manly clutter that you currently have spread through the house.

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