Important Guidelines for the Carers of Very Old & Terminally Ill People

Anyone amongst us can find themselves in a situation where you’ll have to care for your brother, sister, friend or children either because they’re ill, or perhaps because of their old age.

These people need our support and being a carer for them is a very noble thing to do, but it’s also very challenging and stressful. It helps if you have some important information that can come in handy in such situations.

Carer Support

It’s normal if you feel a range of emotions when you first start caring for family members or relatives that are terminally ill or very old. You may experience following feelings:

  • Anger and resentment due to how your life has changed now
  • Guilt because you felt anger and resentment
  • Frustration and impatience because the loved one you’re caring for is not able to do what they used to do, or perhaps they do it very slowly.

In such circumstances there are different resources that offer support for the carers. These include carer support groups which you can join. These groups will provide you the emotional support and advice from other carers in the group.

Financial Support

In Queensland, Australia, carers of the elderly and terminally ill people have an access to a range of financial support and discount options from the government. Several services also offer good carer discounts on a variety of products necessary for the people under your care.

In-home Care

If the person you are caring for prefers to live at home then your house will have to go through several modifications to make the patient feel at ease. These modifications may include installing handheld showers in washrooms, grab rails on stairs, door wedges, bath seats, bed boards, patient lifters and wheelchair platform.

You can browse through the variety of equipment and special stuff that you’ll need to care for people with special needs at home on

Short-term Breaks

It’s highly necessary that you and the person you’re caring for take short-term breaks. It will benefit both of you. These breaks need to be administered occasionally and you need to make sure you make the necessary arrangements for a substitute caretaker while you’re gone. These breaks are called respite breaks and will surely rejuvenate your energy level to go and continue taking care of your loved ones.

Funeral Insurance

The main objective of this kind of insurance policy is to help you financially when the insured person in your family passes away. Like any other insurance policy, a small monthly premium has to be paid to the insurance company which results in a lump sum amount that’s given to you when the insured member dies. This money is to arrange for the funeral service which is a costly event to organize. You can consult for further guidance in this regard.

The carers must know that they and the person they care for can get ample financial, emotional and practical support and assistance in Australia any time they want. These benefits can also include employment and entitlement to disability allowances.


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