Protecting Your Scooter from the Elements

There are many misunderstandings about mobility scooters and the use of them out in the rain. To put aside any preconceptions: It isn’t advised to use your mobility scooter in the rain. Waterproof covers can be purchased that protect the parts of the vehicle that could suffer from water damage.

If you leave your mobility scooter outside when it isn’t in use, you need to make sure you have a cover to protect it from rain and harsh weather damages.

Cold weather can affect the battery of your scooter so keep it indoors if possible. When left out in the cold, your battery runs itself down and will need recharging a lot more often. If you can keep your scooter indoors so that it stays warm, your battery will stay charged properly.

If you cannot store your scooter somewhere near a heat source, it could be beneficial to invest in a scooter store to protect the battery as much as possible.  But it is still advised to check your battery levels before heading out and keep an eye on the energy levels when you are out as the cold causes your battery to drain quicker than normal.

Take care of your wheels

Winter can be a difficult time to be out on your scooter due to the loss of traction caused by snow, ice and moisture.

All of our mobility scooters have strong sturdy wheels, many with a mid-wheel feature which provides additional safety against winter weather conditions.

Avoid going out in hazardous conditions that could put you in danger and always keep a mobile phone on you in case of an emergency.

If your wheels have worn down or are damaged in any way you should get them replaced before venturing out.

Be Seen

One of the main hazards around winter time is the short days and the high risk of fog. Keep curb lights on when there is fog and always wear a high visibility vest over your clothing.


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