How To Make Your Car Excel in 2017

No matter what model car you own, in modern times there are a wide range of ways to make your vehicle look and behave the part. Whether it’s the latest app, some mechanical upgrade, or simply how you drive, you can make your car and your driving excel in 2017.


No matter if you’re on a budget or not, there are canny ways to, for instance, increase your car’s horsepower, to make it more efficient, or to save money on new tyres. It’s all about turning to respected sources and having a look at what’s available to you. You could even ask your local garage for advice, if they’re friendly enough! For now, though, this brief guide will help you to excel in 2017 along with your car.

Remove Excess Weight

If you’ve got anything sitting around in your boot weighing the car down, or a rack on the roof which is causing aerodynamical drag, you should get all of that lot off and out of the car when they’re not needed. All of them cause your vehicle to bog down or be impeded by the wind as your car cuts through the air. Take them off, and your car performs better, saving you fuel.

Add a free-flowing exhaust system

To boost your horsepower by a measure of around 5 to 10 (it depends on the aspirated engine you have). It’s a great way to make your car more powerful, even if there’s a minor charge involved. It’s cheaper than upgrading to a speedier vehicle, let’s put it like that. You can check this Wiki How to guide for other horsepower enhancing tactics to employ. You can also check this 5 cheap ways to increase horsepower guide.

Save Money on Tyres

As you’ll already know, tyres are expensive and many drivers treat them with disdain as they can be a nuisance. It’s important to remember, however, tyres are what propel you forward – they’re the reason why your car moves. It doesn’t matter how souped up your engine is, without rubber attached to the wheels you’re going nowhere.

They are expensive, however, so you can look for ways to cut the costs. For new car tyres, you can try services such as mobile tyre fitting. These typically include a free fitting and many of the tyre prices themselves are greatly reduced.

Keep your tyres properly inflated

Regularly check to ensure your tyres aren’t over or under inflated. You can do this with a tyre pressure gauge – keeping everything in check will ensure you’re getting the most out of your car whilst not wasting fuel or potentially risking an accident.

Use the best oil

Whilst it may be tempting to save money on cheaper synthetic oil or other cheap options, the better quality oil you can get the better. Aim for the very best, in fact, as in time this will treat your car with respect and help it stay running properly for longer.

Keep spark plugs and air filters up to date

Replace them regularly to avoid any issues – it’ll pay off in the end. It’s tempting to ignore them until something goes wrong, but with mechanics it’s always tempting to pre-empt something before it does wrong.

Add a strut tower brace

“A what?” – These make a fantastic difference with handling and stabilise your car. It slots in neatly above your engine, so talk to your local garage for advice. This AmericanMuscle explanation will help you understand the benefits.


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