The rise of the selfie frame trend!

Whether you’re at a wedding, birthday party or baby shower; any host wants you to have the best time. However, making sure that such a large mix of people enjoy a particular event is difficult.

A solution? Selfie frames. Fun to use and easy to get online, selfie frames today come in a variety of designs to suit individual parties. If you want something quirky to add excitement for your guests, these are fast becoming a must-have item. But why are they so popular?

Versatile and entertaining

Selfie frames are a versatile party piece that can fit in and enhance a range of events, from business gatherings to social get-togethers.

At weddings, you can keep people entertained for ages — which is tricky considering wedding receptions can last several hours! Just set up a few frames and a camera in one section of your venue, then let the guests enjoy capturing the moment in style.

Ideal for commemorating a special occasion

The beauty of the selfie frame is that you can use them to put your stamp on a special event or time in someone’s life. As we mentioned, there is lots of choice when it comes to choosing a selfie frame — and you can often customise these to make it even more special to your party.

Creating unforgettable photos and memories is the life goal of a selfie frame, which is why so many people opt to include them at their weddings and special birthdays. Choosing your frame and posing for a photo can help bring family members and friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time back together. Or, help break the ice of people in your life that have never met before!

Perfect for social media

You’ve probabaly already spotted the selfie frame photo on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. That’s because these are usually the first images people upload during or after a party! The selfie was born on social media, so it only makes sense that the selfie frame looks equally incredible on this platform.

If you’re hosting a party — whether it’s a birthday, a Christening or anything else — you secretly want everyone to know how much fun your guests are having. Luckily, the selfie frames’ popularity as a social media image means that your guests quickly share their good times with everyone on their friends list. For good posts, you need to look after yourself and your skin! Loxa Beauty Hemp Soap (100g, 0mg) would be great for you to use to wash your face. 


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